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Our client is a healthcare company in Florida, United States that provides comprehensive men’s healthcare products and services to patients using patient-specific compounded products and commercially obtainable medicines. They provide treatment Support and Rx delivery for the men’s health conditions.



Central E-Commerce Platform

  • A Common E-commerce platform for both patients and physicians. 
  • A comprehensive solution for the eCommerce fulfilment process, from ordering the products to shipment delivery in a seamless and simplified manner. 
  • Maintaining the memberships of the Patients and Payment Integrations.



Custom E-commerce Solutions on Salesforce Experience Cloud

As our client was struggling with their e-commerce process management and wanted to expand the practise and increase the sales via eCommerce, our designers designed the complete custom solution for their whole eCommerce operations from order to shipment tracking to delivery of their medics.


Our team of Salesforce-Certified Developers developed the complete Lightning Interface to show the products and cart maintenance system for both public and logged in community user. Integrated a central interface for order processing, Payment Merchant and automated shipment generation integrated with FEDEX system to save the manual workflow and time. 


New Custom Data Model built on Salesforce Sales Cloud to store the information of the memberships related to the Patients (Person Accounts) and to track the payments history of the patients made online. This custom Data Model also supported the renewal of any medical subscriptions and the medical history of the patient. 

Complete Case Management system like Case Assignment, Case Escalations, Email to Case and the like were integrated and configured with the Experience Cloud to provide the feasibility of raising the concerns related to the products, feedbacks and payment queries.




Using Salesforce for healthcare can help you revolutionize the Healthcare industry and fully understand your customers’ preferences and needs. This leading sales, marketing, and customer service system significantly improves organizational processes, as confirmed by Salesforce Healthcare reviews. However, it must be implemented correctly and fully compliant with the company’s objectives.

Melonleaf can help with this, providing customized, native Salesforce solutions for healthcare organizations, pharmacies, and Medical/ Supplements Clinics. Our competitive advantage is our extensive experience in the healthcare industry. We are familiar with the industry and provide healthcare CRM that takes into consideration the characteristics of your company.

Technologies and Tools

Built the custom data model on Contact and Patient to store Payments, Orders, Prescriptions, Memberships and Subscriptions.

Case Management System

eCommerce Website Developed in the Experience Cloud

Backend Logic coding for the all the custom lightning development like Cart, Product Selection, Order Creation. 

Custom Third Party Integration

Web UI

Integrating Payment Merchants

Web UI

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