Streamlining PDF Creation from JSON Payload in Salesforce Using Apex and VF Pages

Client's Background

Industry: Aviation

Our client is a leading company in the aviation industry. Their primary goal was to empower users with a seamless method to generate PDFs containing flight details stored as JSON data. This process aimed to enhance data visualization and accessibility, facilitating quick decision-making.


Data Model:

We designed an interface for the flight detail object, including a raw data JSON field. This field captures essential information about flights, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

User Interface:

A Lightning Web Component (LWC) was utilized to place a button on the user interface, serving as the trigger for PDF generation.

PDF Generation:

Clicking the designated button invokes a process that uses Apex to handle the PDF generation. The raw data stored in the JSON field is accessed and processed dynamically.

JSON Controller:

A dedicated Apex controller was created to handle JSON data. This controller facilitates the deserialization of JSON data into a wrapper class. The VF page calls this controller, allowing for efficient organization and presentation of data.

VF Page Presentation:

The VF page uses the JSON controller to present the flight details in a user-friendly format. A page block table arranges and displays the information systematically.

Solution Offered


The streamlined process reduces the time and effort required to generate PDFs from JSON data.


The JSON format allows for easy adaptation to changes in flight details, enhancing system flexibility.

Data Visualization:

The VF page presents the information in a structured manner, improving data visualization and understanding.


By leveraging Apex, VF Pages, and LWC, we provided a user-friendly and efficient way to handle flight details. The dynamic nature of JSON ensures adaptability to changing requirements, making it a valuable tool in the aviation industry’s quest for streamlined data management.

Our client is now better equipped to manage and visualize flight data, enhancing their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. This successful project underscores Melonleaf‘s commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Tech Stack

We employed the following technology stack:

  • Apex
  • Visualforce (VF) Pages
  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)

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