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In today’s era, traditional systems are becoming the reason for minimized profit and vague communications between the various departments across the automotive industry. Salesforce consulting with Melonleaf facilitates the digital transformations in your automotive endeavor with a maximized sales cycle, automation of inventory and logistics, and efficient retailing of automobiles.

Melonleaf delivers personalized customer interactions by building online community portals empowered with AI analytics for the sales funnel, campaign execution, stock tiers, and upgraded trends for determining the growth of your business.

Melonleaf contributes to smarter sales by bringing together the features of Salesforce and the process challenges faced by automobile industries. Integrating the systems and tools of Salesforce to address the challenges of the automobile industry is one of the aims of Salesforce. Melonleaf guides automobile-based companies to integrate Salesforce into their operating systems to enhance deals, improve client experience, guide sales and design a well-defined funnel for launches. Salesforce also facilitates AI and predictive analysis to create targeted campaigns for customers, and Melonleaf customizes these benefits according to your business goals.

RFQ Management

Request-For-Quote Management

Our Salesforce Automotive solution manages the intricate Request-for-quote (RFQ) process to ensure an accurate and timely bid, allowing our clients to collaborate between diverse departments.

Dealership Management

Dealership Management with Salesforce

Melonleaf provides automated and customized Salesforce solutions to optimize customers' buying journeys from purchase to post-sales operations.

Third-party App Integrations

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

Leverage real-time integration with Melonleaf to manage customer data with Salesforce applications across any device for dealership operations with maximized profit, and much more.

Utilization of E-commerce Platform

Utilization of e-Commerce Platform

Melonleaf delivers e-Commerce solutions to our clients and closes their sales deals by running campaigns to sell their products and enable their suppliers to succeed.

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Thanks to Melonleaf Consulting’s support, the company has seen a significant increase in Salesforce productivity. The team provides constant updates, establishing effective and transparent communication. Above all, their breadth of knowledge and ability to meet the requirements are remarkable.


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