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As the global business environment is rapidly changing, Manufacturing industries face uncertainty and challenges like sales inefficiency, supply chain crisis, lead tracking, etc. Melonleaf understands the business essentials of Manufacturing companies and enables them to overcome these challenges and succeed with our designed and developed Salesforce solutions.

Melonleaf delivers the best Salesforce, ERP, and e-Commerce solutions, personalized as per the requirements of manufacturing organizations.
We have an experienced team of experts who develop and deploy solutions for streamlining various manufacturing operations from production to delivery to invoicing.

By utilizing these customized Salesforce solutions, manufacturing entities can mass-produce their products and scale up their production cycle. Moreover, they can manage their existing business deliveries and enter the doorway of opportunities for expanding their business.

Production Management

Production Management

Utilize the expertise of a highly experienced team to identify opportunities for production to improve profitability, lead times, and cash flow.


Collaborated Community

Leverage MuleSoft and APIs integration with Melonleaf and expand your business exponentially by easily connecting with the community of suppliers, distributors, and retailers.


Effective Migration

Melonleaf provides ERP visibility to generate accurate sales forecasts and obtain real-time updates on order statuses by migrating data in your legacy system to Salesforce.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Automate your inventory and warehouses with optimized manufacturing solutions provided by Melonleaf to manage stocks and avoid stockouts and overproduction effectively.

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Melonleaf Consulting perfectly executed the created designs, which met the needs of the client. Their high level of responsiveness and understanding established a seamless workflow and delivered accurate results. Moreover, the team’s expertise improved the company’s business beyond expectations.


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CRM customization and Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for the Clinic management on Salesforce to capture patients' lifecycles in a streamlined manner.


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