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Significant changes have impacted the landscape in the Media and Entertainment industry, even changing constantly. Modern OTT platforms, immersive technologies, and advertising technology are being embraced by businesses.

Our dedicated global team of professionals are domain experts in Media and Entertainment and are dedicated to assisting companies in this field to become future-ready. Using cutting-edge delivery and experience platforms, we enable businesses to reevaluate user interaction through our specialized Salesforce services and solutions.

To completely transform digital initiatives, improve operational effectiveness, and offer new revenue streams, we leverage Salesforce's cutting-edge capabilities. Our strategy places a strong emphasis on utilizing data insights and AI to optimize content creation, distribution, and targeting, allowing businesses to provide tailored user experiences.

AdTech Capabilities Enhancement

AdTech Capabilities Enhancements

Using ad-tech tools to precisely target audiences, our Salesforce solutions optimize advertising campaigns. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge monetization techniques that open up new revenue channels and increase the ROI.

OTT and Immersive Experience

OTT and Immersive Experiences

By creating cutting-edge solutions, we meet the growing demand for Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms and immersive experiences. These developments enthrall viewers, produce immersive user experiences, and promote brand loyalty.

CRM Customizations

CRM Integration and Implementation

To complete end-to-end Salesforce CRM solutions, our experienced consultants collaborate closely with media firms. By orchestrating a unified platform that centralizes customer data, and marketing workflows, we enable a seamless connection with current systems.

Content Management

Content Management

By enhancing the creation of content, distribution, and targeting, we improve content management practices. Our services enable M&E companies to customize a content strategy for audience segments, increasing audience engagement and retention.

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Melonleaf Consulting's Salesforce solution has resulted in a streamlined workflow process and more efficient tracking of organizational goals and KPIs. Supportive and communicative, the team conducts daily meetings to finalize details. They provide significant results on time and within the budget.

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Using exceptional and efficient Salesforce Solutions and Services that have been customized and configured by Melonleaf Consulting, we are transforming the business of our clients.


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