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Salesforce Products Support
Salesforce Products Support (1)
Technological Stack

Salesforce Products Support

We provide comprehensive salesforce product implementation services that help simplify the business processes that you have in place and ensure that your ROI is maximized. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will closely collaborate with you to comprehend all your specific needs, and therefore customize the implementation in a way that best suits what your business requires.

Service Cloud

Our experts will assist you to install the Service Cloud, which will help you to manage your customers' responses and enhance the productivity of your customer support team with less effort and higher results.

Sales Cloud

We provide Sales Cloud implementation services which will assist you in tailoring Sales Cloud to match your sales strategies, automating your sales process and ultimately driving your sales performance.

Nonprofit Cloud

By using our Nonprofit Cloud implementation services, you can easily take control of your donors, volunteers, programs, and fundraising efforts through the power of Nonprofit Cloud.

Commerce Cloud

Craft tailored shopping experiences across multiple channels with Commerce Cloud. Our services will facilitate the swift establishment of your online store, ensuring it runs effectively and that customers have a seamless experience.

Community Cloud

Acquire your customized online communities where clients, partners, and employees can connect and collaborate. Our implementation services for Community Cloud aim to create an active online community that nurtures participation and loyalty.

Health Cloud

A CRM platform designed specifically for healthcare organizations. Our implementation services will help you leverage the power of Health Cloud to better manage patient relationships, streamline care coordination, and improve patient outcomes.


CPQ is a sales tool that helps you generate quotes more quickly and accurately. Our CPQ implementation services will help you configure CPQ to meet your specific pricing and quoting needs and streamline your sales process.

Marketing Cloud

Coordinate and create personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns. Melonleaf provides suggestions on how to use the Marketing Cloud to better engage with your customers and improve ROI for your marketing efforts.


A B2B marketing automation platform to generate more leads, sales, and align sales and marketing efforts. We'll get you to migrate to Pardot, connected to Salesforce, and set up marketing campaigns for better connectivity.

Financial Services Cloud

Gain a deeper insight into your customers' behavior, provide customized advice, and increase client retention. We will assist you in implementing Financial Services Cloud to better meet the needs of your clients and provide them with extensive experience.

Field Service Lightning

A field service management solution to optimize your field service delivery process. Our FSL implementation services ensure that you automate and simplify your field service process, increase technician productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.


A cloud application platform that enables you to build, run, and scale applications the way you would in your data center. Leverage Heroku implementation services to build and deploy applications quickly, efficiently and at scale as your business grows.

Technological Stack

Integrations and ETLs/ IPAAS

At Melonleaf, we know how important integrations are for businesses today. That is the reason why our integration along with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) services was created to connect your applications and systems without any issues in data flow or process automation. We simplify the integration process, reduce complexity and costs, and improve scalability and flexibility.

Integrations and ETLs/IPAAS
Integrations and ETLs_IPAAS

Dell Boomi

We provide Dell Boomi services which have been designed specifically for this leading integration platform. With our help, you will be able to use Dell Boomi to integrate cloud apps with on-premises ones; automate workflows and speed up the digital transformation process.


Being MuleSoft partners means that we offer full-stack solutions for API-led connectivity; thus enabling systems’ communication through the design, development, and deployment of MuleSoft-based integrations.


Our Informatica expertise revolves around implementing data integration solutions by leveraging Informatica PowerCenter as well as other modules such as data quality or master management which can help organizations make better decisions based on their assets’ information value.

REST API Development

We are highly skilled at creating RESTful APIs that facilitate seamless application-to-application interaction. Our team has extensive experience in designing robust scalable REST APIs that meet various integration requirements across different industries.

SOAP API Development

Our services in developing SOAP APIs involve creating web services that can be used for Simple Object Access Protocol. This is done to connect applications securely and dependably, hence allowing smooth sharing of information.

AppExchange Integrations

Our expert AppExchange integration services will help you to increase the capabilities of your Salesforce CRM. We achieve this by linking third-party apps from Salesforce AppExchange with your CRM which enhances user experience and steers business development.

Products Integrations

We guarantee seamless operations between different software products in your establishment through a product integration service. By connecting various software products, we enable you to simplify tasks thereby increasing efficiency levels within your organization.

ETL Integrations

For ETL integration service, we automate the extraction, transformation, and loading processes of data. Our main aim is to assist you in managing your data effectively so that it can be accessed easily whenever needed.

ERP Integrations

With our ERP integration services, you can connect the ERP system to other applications or systems within the organization. The main goal is to harmonize information & workflows across all departments which leads to better decision-making abilities.

CRM Integrations

Our services for CRM integration can help you centralize customer data and simplify sales and marketing processes. Other applications and systems are being integrated with your CRM system to improve the experience of your customers.

Infra Cloud Integrations

Our Infra-cloud integration services enable you to take advantage of cloud service scalability and flexibility. We do it by helping you incorporate cloud infrastructure services into your IT environment such as computing, storage, and networking among others to ensure the smooth running of business operations.

Data Integrations

In our data integration services, we bring together all the necessary information required for better insights that lead to good results in business. What is involved is integrating different types of data from various sources creating a single view for analysis and decision-making purposes.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Technological Stack

Artificial Intelligence

Discover the ability of AI with our comprehensive artificial intelligence offerings. Our team of AI professionals specializes in growing and enforcing AI solutions that force innovation, enhance productivity, and deliver tangible commercial enterprise outcomes. Whether or not you're seeking to leverage AI for process automation, information analysis, or customer engagement, we allow you to harness the total ability of AI era.

AI Consulting

Our team of AI specialists works carefully with you to apprehend your business objectives and develop a custom designed AI strategy that aligns with your goals. Whether you're trying to explore AI opportunities, or get AI solutions, our consulting services can help you with all.

AI Development

We specialize in building custom AI applications that remedy complex enterprise demanding situations. If you are looking to increase machine learning models, NLP algorithms, or computer vision, our development offerings allow you to bring your AI vision to life.

Al And ML Services

Unlock the full potential of AI and ML with our specialized services. We develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation. Automate your processes, extract valuable insights from data, or enhance customer experiences with AI and ML services.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We are skilled in growing algorithms and systems that could apprehend, interpret, and generate human language. Building chatbots, using sentiment analysis tools, or language translation systems, our NLP services let you improve your communique & interplay abilities.

Generative Al

Generate creative content material, e.g., art, music, or textual content by utilizing our Generative AI services. Try to discover new layout ideas, create personalized content material, or enhance your creative way, our generative AI offerings can help you acquire new creative potentials.

Computer Vision

Our Computer Vision experts have a forte in developing algorithms and systems that may interpret and analyze visible records. Create photo reputation systems, item detection algorithms, or video evaluation equipment, etc., with ease.

LLM Development

We build custom language models that may apprehend and generate human language at scale. Take advantages of our developed conversational AI, language translation systems, or content generation tools, our services let you construct powerful language models effectively.

Adaptive Al

Build smart systems that may adapt to changing environments with our Adaptive AI services. We truly focus on developing algorithms and systems that can learn and improve over time. Get solutions like recommendation systems building, predictive models, etc.

Open AI Integrations

Integrate open AI technology into your applications with open AI technologies, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenAI's GPT. Our services help in enhancing AI skills, statistics evaluation, or streamline your workflows to achieve your goals.

Technological Stack

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning services allow businesses to take advantage of advanced algorithms and accurate data insights. We provide a wide range of solutions from Predictive Analytics to Natural Language Processing that address all aspects of your specific needs.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

ML Consulting

Our consultants offer expert advice on how best to implement machine learning tactics. We collaborate closely with your team members, coming up together with a plan towards a thriving union that would synchronize well with your set goals.

ML Development

Machine Learning Development is what we offer: from the start of the development to when it finishes. This includes data collection plus preprocessing then model training and deployment; all these result in quality solutions that are beneficial to business in a real sense.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning can be considered simple, but it involves the use of advanced neural network architectures to address complex difficulties. Be it image, speech recognition, or even NLP, our Deep Learning innovations attain cutting-edge levels of effectiveness and precision.

Low Code Development
Low Code Development
Technological Stack

Low Code Development

Empower your business with rapid utility development using low code structures. Our professionals leverage progressive solutions to streamline your development system, reducing time-to-marketplace and expenses. To create custom packages or enhance current ones, our low-code development offerings are tailor-made to satisfy your needs.

MS Power App

From easy apps to complicated enterprise solutions, our team of experienced builders can create custom programs aligning with your business objectives. Enhance efficiency, collaboration, and productivity with MS Energy Apps for various business verticals.


Our Outsystems development services let you utilize a leading low-code utility development platform to empower organizations with constructing, setting up, and managing applications efficiently. From preliminary design to very last deployment, we make sure to fulfill your goals.


Maximize team collaboration and productivity with Monday.com, a versatile work operating system. We facilitate you to optimize workflows, streamline methods, and enhance project management. From setup to support, we ensure that Monday.com aligns with your goals.

Salesforce CRM

Maximize customers relationships and drive business growth with Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce CRM services empower businesses to streamline sales processes, improve client interactions, and make better choices. From implementation to customization, we tailor Salesforce CRM to suit your business needs.


Manage digital workflows for IT, customer service, and safety operations with a cloud-based platform, i.e., ServiceNow. By leveraging this platform, automate operations, improve performance, and enhance consumer experience. Let us implement ServiceNow ITSM, CSM, or other modules for you.

Technological Stack


Leverage the potential of blockchain technology with our comprehensive blockchain services and acquire solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs. Moreover, to enhance transparency, security, or performance, we facilitate you to use blockchain to power innovation and achieve your goals.

Blockchain Services
Blockchain Services


Utilize Ethereum, a decentralized platform that allows smart contracts and allotted applications. Our offerings assist businesses integrate Ethereum into their operations, enabling secure and transparent transactions. From start to finish, we provide give up-to-stop Ethereum solutions that enhance your business skills.

Smart Contracts

Automate and streamline your business procedures with Smart Contracts. We enable businesses to execute agreements automatically, decreasing the want for intermediaries and enhancing efficiency. Create new smart contracts or optimize the existing ones, we've got the expertise to meet your requirements.


Built on Ethereum, Quorum is a permissioned blockchain platform designed for organizations. Our Quorum services assist organizations leverage this platform to create comfy and personal blockchain solutions. From implementation to customization, we are your go to service provider permitting you to attain your goals.


Our Corda, a blockchain platform services help organizations integrate Corda into their business operations, leveraging its unique capabilities to streamline strategies and ensure safety. Whether you are in finance, healthcare, or some other industry, we will tailor Corda answers to fit your objectives.

NFT Development

Whether or not you are an artist seeking to tokenize your work or an enterprise looking to create precise digital property, we allow you to navigate the NFT area. From introduction to distribution, we offer quit-to-quit NFT solutions that allow you to capitalize on this emerging technology.


Stellar is an open-supply blockchain platform that enables cross-border bills and asset exchanges. We help businesses leverage this platform to create value-effective price solutions. From integration to optimization, we ensure that Stellar helps you to amplify your reach and enhance economic operations.


An open-source blockchain framework that provides equipment and libraries for corporation-grade blockchain solutions. Leverage this framework to build at ease, scalable, and interoperable blockchain packages. Also, create delivery chain solutions or digital identity structures, customized to meet your unique needs.

ERPs Setup and Development
ERPs Setup and Development
Technological Stack

ERPs Setup and Development

Streamline your enterprise operations with our comprehensive ERP setup and development offerings. Our team of experts specializes in implementing and customizing ERP solutions to suit your precise enterprise goals. Acquire improved efficiency, enhanced decision-making, or optimized workflows, we will let you leverage ERP to drive growth and achievement.


Remodel your commercial enterprise with SAP S/4HANA, a smart, incorporated ERP device. We help companies leverage this platform to streamline strategies, get real-time insights, and drive innovation. Along with your objective's fulfillment, it allows you to gain digital transformation.

Microsoft Dynamics

Benefit from our agile development methodologies, providing quick iterations and adaptability to changing requirements. We ensure your Dynamics 365 ERP setup is not only functional but also customized to fit your exact needs. Our team designs with scalability in mind, enabling your system to grow seamlessly alongside your business. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud

We customize Oracle Fusion Cloud to fit your unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency. Our expertise in integration provides seamless data flow and real-time insights. We optimize performance for speed, reliability, and scalability. If it's Fusion ERP, HCM, or CX, we'll tailor solutions to achieve your goals.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps corporations control finances, operations, and customer relations. Our services help organizations leverage this solution to streamline tactics, enhance visibility, and boom in your business. We make certain that with NetSuite, you get full visibility across your operations.


We handle everything from initial installation to customization, integration, training, and ongoing support. Epicor ERP offers a wide range of features including comprehensive financial, inventory, CRM, human capital management, and powerful business intelligence and analytics tools.

Odoo ERP

Our technical expertise allows us to efficiently set up Odoo ERP systems for our clients. We specialize in customizing and integrating Odoo modules to align with their unique business requirements. This ensures a seamless implementation process, providing a robust and tailored ERP solution.


Manage digital workflows for IT, customer service, and safety operations with a cloud-based platform, i.e., ServiceNow. By leveraging this platform, automate operations, improve performance, and enhance consumer experience. Let us implement ServiceNow ITSM, CSM, or other modules for you.

JDE Edwards

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated application suite of complete enterprise resource planning software. Our JDE Edwards services assist companies to facilitate streamlining business processes effectively. Be it manufacturing, distribution, or construction, we can personalize solutions for you.

Technological Stack

Front End Development

Elevate your user experience with our professional front-end development services. We specialize in developing dynamic and responsive internet interfaces that interact with your target market and drive results. Our experts' team of developers is proficient in the latest front-end technology, making sure that your website or application stands out.

Front End Development
Front End Development


AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework for building dynamic applications on the web. Our services leverage this framework to create scalable and feature-rich applications to meet your goals. Create single-page software or a complex web interface, we've the know-how to offer great results.


ReactJS is a type of JavaScript library for building UIs. We enable organizations to create interactive and visually attractive web applications. Whether you are beginning a new venture or improving an existing one, our team will let you leverage ReactJS to deliver a seamless user experience.


A progressive JavaScript framework for building modern web interfaces for businesses. Our experts allows companies to create robust web applications that adapt to their needs. Right from a simple website or a complex one, we are here for you and to improve your business ROI.


Our Bootstrap development offerings help corporations create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that work seamlessly throughout devices. From design to implementation, we make sure that your website looks terrific and flawless on each platform.


A JavaScript library that facilitates you create rich, responsive display and editor UIs. We enable you to build interactive web applications and enhance consumer engagement. Also, add dynamic advancements on your website to streamline your workflow.

Enterprise & Backend Development
Enterprise & Backend Development
Technological Stack

Enterprise and Backend Development

Empower your enterprise with our complete organization and backend development services. Our team of specialists specializes in developing scalable and efficient answers that meet your enterprise goals. From initial idea to final deployment, we work intently with you to make certain that your challenge is a fulfillment.

Ruby on Rails

A popular web application framework that lets in for rapid development. We help you to create effective and scalable web applications. Build a brand-new utility or enhance a present one, our team will let you leverage Ruby on Rails for various industry-specific solutions.


A JavaScript runtime that allows for the development of scalable and high-performance applications. Our experts create fast and efficient backend systems. Whether or not you're constructing a real-time app or an information-extensive app, our group will let you leverage Node.js.


Golang, also called Go, is a programming language advanced by Google that is regarded for its performance and overall performance. Our Golang development offerings assist companies to create rapid and reliable backend systems.


A Hypertext Preprocessor framework, which is recognized for its elegant syntax and effective capabilities. We help corporations build a content management system or an e-trade platform and use Laravel to offer a top-notch quality product.


Our Java development services help businesses create company-stage applications. It doesn't matter, it's a web application or a mobile app, leveraging robust tech for digital transformation, we help our client with dependable solutions.


ur Python development services cover a huge spectrum, including web improvement, statistics technological know-how, and machine learning. Our Python experts are ready to offer customized solutions such as, Python apps, automation scripts, or records analysis tools.


.NET Create sturdy and scalable apps with our .NET development services. Our group of .NET builders specializes in crafting custom apps using the .NET framework. Our .NET development services assist you build high-quality solutions like web apps, desktop apps, or mobile apps aligned with your business.


Craft dynamic and captivating websites with our Kentico development services. Our experts possess the knowledge to build feature-rich websites and apps using the Kentico CMS platform. If you require a brand-new website, a domain redesign, or custom Kentico development, Kentico is your go-to solution.


Our PHP builders are professional and experienced in growing custom web solutions through the PHP programming language. Whether you are seeking out a simple website, a complex web app, or an e-commerce platform, our PHP services let you comprehend your online targets.

Technological Stack

Data and Analytics

Utilize the full ability of your data with our comprehensive data and analytics services right from information visualization to predictive analytics. Our experts focus on supporting businesses to extract precious insights from their data, permitting them to make informed decisions.

Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics

Power BI

Power BI is an effective enterprise analytics tool that allows you to visualize your information and share insights across your company. Our power BI services help companies leverage this tool to create interactive reports and dashboards that pressure informed decision-making.


A leading data visualization tool that permits you to create interactive and shareable dashboards. We assist organizations leverage this tool to discover insights and create a dashboard for executive reporting or a visualization for a client presentation.


Pentaho is a complete data integration and business analytics platform. Our Pentaho service enables businesses to integrate, rework, and visualize their records for better decision-making. Streamline your data integration operations or create interactive reports.

MS SQL Server BI

Microsoft SQL Server BI is a collection of tools and services that assist businesses transform raw statistics into meaningful insights. By leveraging this suite investigate facts, create reports, and make informed choices. Construct a data warehouse or create a dashboard, our team can help you harness the power of MS square Server BI.


Cognos is a business intelligence and performance management software suite. Our Cognos offerings assist organizations examine, visualize, and report their data for better choice-making. Create an economic report, analyze income statistics, or track KPIs, our team allow you to make the maximum of Cognos.

Einstein Analytics

A cloud-based analytics platform that allows organizations to uncover insights and trends in their data. We assist organizations to leverage this platform for creating interactive dashboards and predictive models. Moreover, analyze customer statistics, forecast sales, or optimize advertising campaigns.


Our Klipfolio services help businesses leverage this platform to track key performance indicators and monitor business metrics. Whether you're looking to visualize sales data, track website traffic, or monitor social media engagement, our team can help you make the most of Klipfolio.

Cloud Consulting
Cloud Consulting
Technological Stack

Infra and Cloud Consulting

Transform your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive infra and cloud consulting services. Our cloud consulting specialists help companies leverage the cloud era to optimize their infrastructure, reduce expenses, and improve scalability. From initial evaluation to implementation and optimization, we offer services to satisfy your specific cloud solutions.

AWS Consulting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud platform that provides an extensive variety of offerings to assist organizations in scaling and developing. Our AWS consulting services help businesses leverage this platform to reduce costs, improve agility, and innovate quickly. Right from migration to AWS, existing infrastructure optimization, or broadening new cloud-native apps, our group can help you achieve your goals.

Google Cloud Consulting

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud computing services that offer a flexible and scalable infrastructure for companies. Our Google Cloud consulting offerings enable businesses to leverage this platform to drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and improve safety. Migrate to GCP, modernize your applications, or leverage analytics, our team allows you to make the most of Google Cloud.

Microsoft Azure Consulting

A cloud computing platform that gives a huge range of top-notch services to help companies build, deploy, and manage applications. By leveraging this platform to boost digital transformation, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Right from cloud migration to Azure, modernizing your applications, or implementing hybrid cloud solutions, our expert team can help you obtain your goals and improve your business ROI.

Technological Stack

Mobile App Development

Transform your ideas into innovative mobile applications with our mobile app development services. Our team of experienced developers specializes in creating high-quality, user-friendly mobile apps that meet your business goals. From concept to launch, we work closely with you to ensure your app is a success

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development


Create exceptional iOS apps that engage and delight users with our iOS app development services. Our team of iOS developers has the expertise to build custom apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Create a consumer-facing app or a business application, we can help you leverage the latest iOS technologies to deliver a superior user experience


Reach a wider audience and grow your business with our Android app development services. We specialize in creating scalable and secure apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Build a native Android app or a cross-platform solution, we can help you bring your ideas to life on the Google Play Store.

React Native

Build high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps with React Native. Our React Native app development services help businesses create fast and responsive apps that work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. Build a new app or optimize an existing one, our team can help you leverage the power of React Native to reach more users.

Flutter App Development

Create beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase with Flutter. We help businesses build fast and expressive apps that work across platforms. Whether you're looking to build a new app or upgrade an existing one, our team can help you leverage Flutter to create a stunning user experience.

Native Script

Build truly native applications for iOS and Android using Native Script. Our Native Script app development services help businesses create high-performance apps that offer a native user experience. Enhance an existing one to build a new app, our team can help you leverage Native Script to create a seamless mobile experience.


Create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows with Xamarin. Our Xamarin app development services help businesses build cross-platform apps using a single, shared codebase. Reach more users across different platforms more efficiently by utilizing xamarin app development services.

HTML5 App Development

Build responsive web applications that work seamlessly across devices with HTML5. Through our HTML5 app development services, we create dynamic and interactive web apps that offer a native-like experience on mobile devices. Deliver superior user experience to all your customers with user friendly UIs.

CMS and E-commerce
CMS and E-commerce
Technological Stack

CMS and E-commerce

Enhance your online presence with our comprehensive CMS and e-commerce services. From content management to e-commerce integration, we offer a range of services to help you succeed online. We specialize in creating custom solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Transform your B2B e-commerce experience with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. Streamline your sales process or improve customer satisfaction, all aspects get completed from our cloud services. We enable businesses create personalized and seamless buying experiences for their customers

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Our services facilitate businesses to create engaging and personalized shopping experiences for their customers. Whether you're Looking to increase conversions or drive customer loyalty, we can help you achieve your objectives. Deliver exceptional B2C e-commerce experiences with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.


Create a stunning online store with Shopify. Our experts help businesses design, develop, and launch their e-commerce websites on the Shopify platform. Whether you're a small business looking to start selling online or a large retailer looking to upgrade your e-commerce platform, our team can help you make the most of Shopify.


Build a powerful and scalable e-commerce website with Magento. Our services help businesses create customized and feature-rich online stores that drive sales and conversions. Right from migration to Magento, customization of your existing Magento store, or optimization of your e-commerce operations, our team can help you achieve your goals.


Transform your WordPress website into a powerful e-commerce platform with WooCommerce. Our services help businesses integrate e-commerce functionality into your WordPress websites, allowing you to sell products and services online. Whether you're a small business owner or a large retailer, our team can help you leverage WooCommerce to grow your online business.


Create a flexible and scalable content management system (CMS) with Drupal. Also, build customized websites and applications that meet your specific needs. We facilitate our clients with acquiring a corporate website, a community portal, or an e-commerce platform, by leveraging Druapal technology in today's world.


Deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences with Sitecore. Create customized websites, mobile apps, and other digital experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty. Whether you're looking to implement Sitecore for the first time or optimize your existing Sitecore deployment, we can do it for you.

Technological Stack

Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensure the reliability and performance of your software with our comprehensive testing and quality assurance services. Our team of experienced testers and QA specialists employs industry-leading tools and methodologies to identify and address issues early in the development lifecycle, reducing costs and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Testing and Quality Assurance
Testing and Quality Assurance

Selenium Automation

Automate your web application testing with Selenium, a powerful open-source tool. Our Selenium automation services help businesses create robust and scalable test automation frameworks that accelerate testing cycles and improve software quality.


Automate your mobile app testing with Appium, an open-source tool for automating native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. We help organizations create efficient and reliable mobile test automation frameworks that ensure the quality of their mobile apps.


Cypress is a next-generation front end testing tool built for the modern web. Our expert professionals enable businesses to create fast, easy, and reliable test automation for anything that runs in a browser.

Integration Testing

Ensure that your software components work together seamlessly with our integration testing services. Whether you're integrating new features or systems, our integration testing services can help you ensure the reliability of your software. We specialize in identifying and resolving integration issues early in the development lifecycle, reducing the risk of failures in production.

Manual Testing

Validate the functionality and usability of your software with our manual testing services. Our team of experienced testers follows best practices to identify and report issues, ensuring that your software meets the highest quality standards.

Automation Testing

Accelerate your testing cycles and improve software quality with our automation testing services. Our team of automation experts leverages industry-leading tools and frameworks to create robust and scalable test automation solutions.

Security Testing

Protect your software from vulnerabilities and threats with our security testing services. We, at Melonleaf Consulting, identifies and mitigate security risks in your software, ensuring that your data and systems are protected.

Performance Testing

Ensure that your software performs optimally under various conditions with our performance testing services. Performance testers at Melonleaf simulates real-world scenarios to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, ensuring that your software meets performance requirements.

Mobile App Testing

Deliver a flawless user experience across devices with our mobile app testing services. We specialize in testing iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile applications to ensure their functionality, usability, and performance. Whether you're looking for manual testing, automation testing, or compatibility testing, we can help you.

CRM and ERP Testing

Ensure the reliability and effectiveness of your CRM and ERP systems with our CRM and ERP testing services. Whether you're implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one, our CRM and ERP testing services can help you mitigate risks and ensure a successful deployment.

HIPPA Compliance Services

Protect sensitive healthcare information and ensure HIPAA compliance with our HIPAA compliance services. Our team of compliance experts helps businesses navigate the complex HIPAA regulations and implement the necessary measures to protect patient data.

RPA Services
RPA Services
Technological Stack


Our team of RPA experts specializes in implementing automation solutions that reduce manual effort, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy across your organization. Whether you're looking to automate repetitive tasks, integrate disparate systems, or optimize workflows, we can help you harness the power of RPA to drive digital transformation. Streamline your business processes with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. 


Streamline business operations with UiPath, a leading RPA platform. Automate data entry, customer service, or back-office processes, our UiPath services help businesses design, implement, and manage automation workflows that improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Automation Anywhere

Automate complex tasks with Automation Anywhere, a comprehensive RPA platform. Our services help businesses design, deploy, and manage intelligent automation solutions that enhance efficiency and agility. Right from automating business processes, IT operations, or customer interactions, we are here for you.


Our Blue Prism services help businesses create scalable and secure automation solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs. Whether you're automating back-office operations, customer service, or IT processes, our team can help you leverage Blue Prism to achieve your automation objectives.


Build and deploy machine learning models with TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework. Building predictive models, analyzing data, or optimizing processes, our TensorFlow services help businesses develop custom machine learning solutions that drive innovation and competitive advantage.


From autonomous driving systems, medical imaging solutions, or facial recognition systems, our team can help businesses create and deploy custom deep learning models that excel in image recognition and classification tasks. 


Build and train neural networks with PyTorch, a deep learning framework. Our PyTorch services help businesses create and deploy custom deep learning models that solve complex problems and drive innovation. Moreover, build image recognition systems, NLP models, or recommendation engines with PyTorch.


Our Keras services help businesses create and deploy custom deep learning models that deliver accurate and reliable results. Whether you're building image classification systems, sentiment analysis models, or speech recognition systems, our team can help you harness the power of Keras with ease.

Technological Stack


Melonleaf Consulting excels in automating manual infrastructure deployment processes using cutting-edge tools to modernize conventional approaches. Our comprehensive DevOps services enhance software release reliability and frequency for clients. With a focus on minimizing deployment failures and ensuring successful rollbacks, we deliver top-tier solutions that optimize Mean Time To Recovery.

DevOps Services
DevOps Services

Amazon Web Services

Our team of AWS experts helps businesses worldwide tap into the full potential of Amazon Web Services. Whether it's building scalable infrastructure or harnessing advanced analytics, we use AWS to drive innovation and success in the cloud for our global clients.

Google App Engine Services

We offer comprehensive Google Cloud consultancy services. From designing infrastructure to deployment and optimization, we ensure our clients' cloud infrastructure is finely tuned for outstanding performance and results.

Windows Azure

With our DevOps consulting, we guide clients in developing SaaS IT applications on the robust Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. Our approach ensures seamless integration, scalability, and security, delivering modern cloud-based solutions.

CI/CD Automation

Using industry-leading tools such as Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, etc., we automate the entire process from code commit to production deployment. Our approach includes adopting infrastructure as code (IaC) practices with tools like Terraform or CloudFormation, ensuring consistent environments for testing and deployment.


Our expertise lies in designing event-driven architectures, utilizing managed services for databases and storage, and optimizing costs by executing code in response to specific events. By leveraging cutting-edge platforms such as AWS Lambda, Azure, and Google Cloud Functions, we eliminate the need for managing servers, enabling applications to seamlessly scale based on demand. 

UIUX and Wireframing
UI_UX and Wireframing
Technological Stack

UI/UX and SaaS/Enterprise Wireframing

Enhance your user experience with our UI/UX and SaaS/Enterprise wireframing services. From designing a new application or improving an existing one, our team specializes in creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces that drive user satisfaction and business growth.

Design Consulting

Bring your ideas to life with our design consulting services. Our team of design experts collaborates closely with you to understand your vision and develop actionable design strategies. We help you in refreshing your brand identity, creating a new user interface, or optimizing your website, and much more.


Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that enables teams to create, test, and iterate on design concepts in real-time. If you are looking for designing web interfaces, mobile apps, or prototypes, our team can help you leverage Figma to its fullest potential. Moreover, streamline design process, enhance collaboration, and deliver superior user experiences.


Our Webflow services enable businesses to create visually stunning websites that are easy to maintain and update. Webflow is a no-code website builder that empowers businesses to design, build, and launch responsive websites without coding. 


Draw.io is a free online diagramming tool that enables businesses to create flowcharts, diagrams, and wireframes. Create process flowcharts, organizational charts, or network diagrams, we enable businesses to create visually stunning websites that are easy to maintain and update.


InVision is a digital product design platform that empowers businesses to create interactive prototypes and collaborate on design projects. We assist in streamlining the design workflow, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and iterate on design concepts rapidly.


Our Lucidchart services enhance communication, document processes, and improve collaboration. Whether you're creating flowcharts, mind maps, or org charts, our team can help you leverage Lucidchart to visualize ideas and enhance team collaboration.

Technological Stack

Products Setup/ Integrations and Partnerships

Optimize your business operations with our products setup, integrations, and partnerships services. Our team specializes in setting up and integrating a wide range of products to streamline your processes and boost efficiency. Right from integrating accounting software, communication tools, document management systems, or marketing automation platforms, we can help you achieve seamless connectivity and collaboration.

Products and Partnerships
Products and Partnerships


Streamline your financial management with QuickBooks. Our services help businesses set up and customize their accounting software to meet their specific needs. Services like tracking expenses, managing invoices, or generating financial reports, our team can help you leverage QuickBooks to streamline your accounting processes and make informed decisions


Enhance your communication capabilities with Twilio. From sending notifications, automating interactions, or building communication workflows, our services help businesses integrate SMS, voice, and messaging services into their applications to improve customer engagement. 


Connect your applications and data with Boomi. Our services help businesses integrate cloud and on-premises applications, automate workflows, and streamline data management. Moreover, integrating ERP systems, CRM platforms, or other applications, our team can help you achieve seamless connectivity and data synchronization.


Streamline your document management with DocuSign. Operations such as, signing contracts, collecting signatures, or managing legal documents, we facilitate businesses digitize their document workflows, automate signature processes, and securely manage documents.


From automating document creation, personalizing customer communications, or improving document accuracy, we help in design, generate, and deliver documents such as proposals and reports. Our services help businesses design, generate, and deliver documents such as proposals and reports.

Survey Sparrow

Our services help businesses create engaging surveys, collect insightful feedback, and analyze responses. Whether you're conducting customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback surveys, or market research surveys, our team can help you gather actionable insights and improve your products and services.


Optimize your project management with Planview. Our services help businesses manage projects, resources, and portfolios effectively. Whether you're planning, executing, or tracking projects, our team can help you improve project visibility, alignment, and execution.


Streamline operations like collaborating with teams, prioritizing tasks, or automating workflows, our team can help you improve project outcomes and deliver results. Our services help businesses plan, track, and manage projects efficiently. 


Create, send, eSign, and track documents with PandaDoc. Streamline your document workflows, automate proposal creation, and accelerate contract approvals. Also, creat sales proposals, quotes, or contracts with ease.


Our services help businesses build and customize forms to collect data, automate workflows, and streamline processes. Whether you're creating registration forms, feedback forms, or order forms, our team can help you simplify data collection and improve form submission processes.


Integrate, backup, manage, synchronize data, replicating databases, or backing up your data with Skyvia. We enable organizations to integrate cloud and on-premises data sources, automate data workflows, and ensure data security and compliance.


Whether you're sending newsletters, promotional emails, or event invitations, our team can help you enhance your email marketing efforts and drive engagement. Our experts help businesses create, send, and track email campaigns efficiently. 


Clean and deduplicate your Salesforce data. Improve data quality, reduce storage costs, or enhance reporting accuracy, we elp ypu guys maintain clean and accurate Salesforce data by identifying and removing duplicate records.

LINK Mobility

Enhance your mobile communications by utilizing our partnership services with LINK Mobility. We help you in integrate SMS, push notifications, and mobile messaging into their applications to improve customer engagement.

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