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Industry: Healthcare

Our client is a healthcare company in Florida, United States that provides comprehensive men’s healthcare products and services to patients using patient-specific compounded products and commercially obtainable medicines. 


Seamless Appointment Scheduling

  • An integrated solution to schedule appointments with physicians.
  • Frictionless and open system for Patients to know their respective physician’s availability on the portal.


Custom Google Calendar Integration in Salesforce Community

Due to the nature of our client’s industry, which involves healthcare providers, there are numerous situations where patients want a flexible and user-friendly system to have a positive experience, such as when determining the doctor’s availability and making an appointment. Customers of our clients during COVID faced the same difficulty in arranging appointments with doctors and learning about their availability because they were unable to visit the clinic physically.

We suggested a special combination of our patient Salesforce community portal with a special Google Calendar API to link the doctor’s calendar to solve this problem. Patients may simply check for open time slots and planned appointments at their convenience using the custom lightning components thanks to this integration, which enables doctors to change their availability in real-time in their calendar. 

We made sure that the scheduling procedure was comfortable and simple for patients and doctors by utilizing Google Calendar, a commonly utilized and well-known tool. The former manual calling system’s delays and uncertainty were eliminated by the integration, which also increased patient retention and satisfaction for the healthcare provider. The integration also improved how doctors managed their schedules, which led to more production and efficiency.


The Salesforce community and Google Calendar interface gave patients and doctors an improved platform for communication, resulting in a streamlined appointment scheduling experience for our client’s consumers. The previous system’s delays and uncertainty were reduced by the integration, which also increased patient retention in the healthcare organization. The integration also improved how doctors managed their schedules, which led to more production and efficiency. The integration worked well to address the scheduling issues the healthcare sector was having, and it can be used as an example by other businesses with comparable issues.

Melonleaf Consulting delivers customized and native Salesforce solutions for Healthcare Organizations and Industries. Our competitive advantage is our extensive experience in multiple industries. We are familiar with the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry and provide you with all customized Salesforce solutions per the business essentials.

Tools & Technologies

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • APEX
  • LWC
  • AURA
  • JavaScript
  • API
  • HTML

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