Client's Background

Industry: Defence

Our client, a prominent player in the Defence industry, approached us with a unique challenge – streamline and enhance their procurement process for pump models. The goal was to create a seamless system allowing users to configure a pump with their specified part, generate an accurate quote with client-specific prices, and easily download a comprehensive PDF document.

Clients Requirements

The project aimed to develop a robust system, integrating a user-friendly interface with an efficient backend, allowing the client to customize pump models according to their requirements.

The designed solution was needed to facilitate the creation of detailed quotes, with the option to apply discounts, and the capability to generate PDFs for easy sharing and documentation. 

The objective was to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and provide a user-friendly experience for the complex procurement needs of the Defence sector. 

Solution Offered

Opportunity Creation and Pump Record: 

  • Users start by opening an opportunity with a pump record and initiating the procurement process. 
  • Upon accessing the pump page, a welcome page introduces the user to the system. 

Product Selection: 

  • Users progress through the system by navigating through a series of steps. 
  • A product search feature allows users to find their desired pump model efficiently. 
  • Detailed product information, including images and descriptions, assists users in making informed decisions. 

Attribute Customization: 

  • Users can customize their pump by selecting attributes from the bundle.   
  • Specifications such as model number, required parts, warranty, etc., are chosen, providing a tailored purchase experience. 

Summary Page: 

  • After selecting attributes, users move to a summary page for verification. 
  • The total price is displayed for confirmation before proceeding. 

Quantity and Discount Configuration: 

  • Users land on a new page to configure quantity and apply discounts.   
  • Discounts can be applied to individual attributes and the final price, allowing for flexibility in pricing. 

Quote Generation: 

  • Clicking on “Save” generates a comprehensive quote in just a few seconds. 
  • The quote includes all relevant details such as quantity, code, sales price, etc. 

PDF Generation: 

  • For further convenience, users can choose whether to include discounts in the PDF or not. 
  • Downloading the PDF provides a well-structured document summarizing the entire transaction. 

Results and Benefits


The streamlined process significantly reduces the time required for procurement.


Customization options ensure that the ordered product aligns precisely with the client’s requirements.


The intuitive interface simplifies complex procurement processes for users.


The generated PDFs serve as comprehensive and easily shareable documentation for procurement records.


The implemented solution successfully met the client’s requirements by providing a user-friendly interface for customizing pump models, generating accurate quotes, and simplifying the procurement process. This innovative approach has improved efficiency and accuracy in our client’s procurement workflow.

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