Enhancing Patient Engagement through a Custom Patient Dashboard on Salesforce Experience Cloud

Client's Background

Industry: Healthcare

Our client, a leading healthcare provider, recognized the need to elevate patient experience and engagement by providing a centralized platform for patients to access their health information seamlessly. Leveraging Salesforce’s robust ecosystem, the client aimed to build a custom patient dashboard to enhance communication, streamline access to healthcare services, and empower patients with valuable insights.

Challenges Faced By Our Client

Fragmented Patient Information:

Patient data was scattered across various systems, making it challenging for individuals to access a consolidated view of their health records, appointments, and prescriptions.

Limited Patient Interaction:

The systems lacked interactive features, hindering effective communication between patients and healthcare providers. The client wanted to bridge this gap by offering a dynamic and user-friendly dashboard.

Marketing Integration:

The client sought a solution that focused on patient care and integrated marketing elements. Lightning capsules, designed for promotional activities, needed to be easily editable to keep patients informed about the latest health products and offerings.

Proposed Solution:

To address these challenges, our team proposed the development of a custom patient dashboard using Lightning Web Components (LWC) on Salesforce Community Cloud. This solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud, ensuring a unified and secure patient data management system.

Key Features of the Custom Patient Dashboard

Secure User Authentication:
Patients can log in securely using their credentials, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.    

Appointment Management: 
The dashboard displays a comprehensive view of recent and upcoming appointments, allowing patients to plan their schedules effectively.    

Prescription Access: 
With a simple click, patients can access the online shop and retrieve their prescriptions, promoting convenience and timely medication adherence.    

Dynamic Slider for Product Recommendations: 
A visually appealing slider showcases popular health products relevant to specific diseases, encouraging informed choices and facilitating easy navigation within the shop.    

Editable Lightning Capsules:  
Marketing teams can effortlessly update lightning capsules, ensuring patients are informed about the latest services, promotions, and health-related information. 

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Patient Engagement:

The custom dashboard has significantly improved patient engagement by providing a centralized hub for their healthcare needs.

Improved Accessibility:

Patients now have easy access to their health information, leading to better-informed decisions about their well-being.

Streamlined Marketing Efforts:

Marketing teams can efficiently manage and update lightning capsules, ensuring that patients are kept informed about new services and products.

Increased Operational Efficiency:

The integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud has streamlined data management processes, reducing the burden on healthcare staff and improving overall operational efficiency.

Positive Patient Feedback:

Initial feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing satisfaction with the convenience and accessibility offered by the new dashboard.


Implementation of a custom patient dashboard on Salesforce Experience Cloud has not only met the client’s expectations but has exceeded them by transforming patient experience and engagement. 

The solution demonstrates the power of leveraging cutting-edge technology to bridge gaps in healthcare communication and empower patients to take an active role in managing their health. 

Technology Stack

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)

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