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Industry: Healthcare

Our client, a leading healthcare clinic, faced challenges in managing patient information efficiently. The need for a centralized system that seamlessly organizes patient data and streamlines communication among healthcare professionals led to the adoption of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Challenges Faced By Our Client

Our client, a leading healthcare clinic, encountered several significant challenges in managing patient information efficiently:

Fragmented Patient Data:

Patient information was scattered across multiple systems. This fragmentation hindered access to comprehensive and up-to-date records, making it difficult for healthcare providers to get a full picture of a patient’s health.

Inefficient Communication:

Communication among healthcare professionals was not streamlined. This inefficiency led to delays and potential errors in patient care, as important information could be missed or misunderstood.

Manual Processes:

The clinic relied heavily on manual administrative tasks. This reliance increased the likelihood of human error and consumed valuable time that could be better spent on patient care.

Data Security and Compliance:

Ensuring the security of sensitive patient data and maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations was a constant challenge. The risk of data breaches and non-compliance penalties was a significant concern.

Patient Engagement:

Engaging effectively with patients and providing personalized care was a struggle. The clinic found it challenging to keep patients informed and involved in their own care, impacting overall patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Solutions Offered

The implementation process began with the creation of a new patient record through the Healthcare Cloud Lightning Admin. The steps involved:    

Creating Patient Records: 

  • Navigate to the Accounts tab and select “New.” 
  • Choosing “Person Account” for individual patients. 
  • Inputting essential details like name, ID, medical number, birth date, gender, phone, etc. 

Business Owner Accounts: 

  • Creating separate accounts for business owners by selecting the “Business” option. 
  • Entering necessary details for business accounts. 

Portal Access: 

  • Facilitating easy access to critical patient information through a user-friendly portal. 
  • Accessible features include the timeline, patient info, and patient care, providing a holistic view of patient data. 

Administrative Control: 

  • Enabling administrators to edit patient information with ease through the admin portal. 
  • Streamlining administrative tasks with a few clicks, enhancing overall system control. 

Key Features Implemented


  • A comprehensive timeline feature tracks the patient’s history, including medications, previous visits, and upcoming appointments. 
  • Facilitates a consolidated view of the patient’s healthcare journey for informed decision making. 

Household Information: 

  • Provides insights into the patient’s family relations and assigns doctors or assistants based on the patient’s specific health needs. 
  • Emergency contact details and other critical information are linked to the household for quick access. 

All Care Plans: 

  • Offers a detailed overview of the patient’s health issues and associated care plans. 
  • Enhances communication among healthcare professionals by providing a centralized repository of patient care information. 

Benefits and Outcomes

Efficient Patient Management: 

Centralized patient records enable healthcare professionals to access and update information seamlessly, improving patient care coordination. 

Enhanced Communication: 

The timeline feature facilitates effective communication among healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care and informed decision-making. 

Holistic Patient View:

The patient card provides a holistic view of the patient’s household and care plans, enabling personalized and targeted healthcare services. 

Streamlined Administration: 

Administrative tasks are simplified with the ability to edit and manage patient information effortlessly, saving time and resources. 


The successful implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud has transformed our healthcare clinic client’s operations, providing a unified platform for patient management. The seamless integration of crucial features has not only improved patient care but also enhanced communication and administrative efficiency. Salesforce Health Cloud stands as a powerful solution in the healthcare industry, revolutionizing the way patient data is stored, accessed, and managed.

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