Top 20 Salesforce Consulting Companies in The USA  2023


Salesforce stands out as a formidable enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) software in the market. And almost 150000 global businesses utilize Salesforce to scale their business. The market share of Salesforce stands tall at 33%. Also, according to the latest report, Salesforce's worth will be around 31.4 Billion Dollars by 2023 which makes it the fastest-growing software company.  

Salesforce offers multiple products and solutions for business to scale their market reach and streamline their business operations. Given the abundance of features within Salesforce, navigating and optimizing them to their full potential can be challenging, unless you enlist the support of the best Salesforce consulting partner 

These partners are organizations authorized by Salesforce to guide users in selecting and implementing CRM solutions within their enterprises. They often bring specialized expertise tailored to specific industries and use cases, facilitating the enhancement of Salesforce adoption rates throughout various teams.

In this article, we are going to do just that. By the end of this article, you’ll have a list of the 20 best Salesforce Consulting Companies for you to choose from. So, make sure you read till the end and then select your Salesforce consulting partner and maximize your return on your Salesforce investment. 

But before we move on to the list let us first fully understand what a Salesforce Consulting Firm is and what these Salesforce Consulting Companies do for your business. 

What Is a Salesforce Consulting Firm?

A Salesforce consulting company is a specialized organization that offers professional services and knowledge in Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform.  

These firms are officially recognized by Salesforce and are authorized to deliver consultation related to Salesforce to organizations. This includes consultants who are qualified and experienced in Salesforce technology. 

The primary goal of these Salesforce consulting firms is to help organizations realize the full potential of Salesforce CRM systems. Usually, it can include services like: 


Assisting enterprises with Salesforce adoption and integration into current systems. This process includes configuring Salesforce to meet specific corporate objectives, establishing protocols, and ensuring a seamless transition. 


Salesforce customization to meet the specific demands and operations of a certain organization. Custom apps, fields, or objects may be created to optimize Salesforce for specific use cases. 


Ensures that Salesforce and other apps in a company's IT stack communicate seamlessly. This is essential for data consistency and efficient business operations.  


Offering staff training programmes to help them become more proficient in utilizing Salesforce. This involves informing users on features, recommended practices, and system upkeep.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg if you want to learn more about it do check out this blog. 

Now that we have a better understanding of Salesforce consulting partners it’s time to select the best Salesforce Consulting Partner for your business. 

20 Best Salesforce Consulting Companies That Are Worth the Investment


Founding Year - 2020 

Headquarter -  

Employee base -
Customer Care Language -  

App on App Exchange - 

Melonleaf is known for its dynamic Salesforce consulting services, which provide personalized solutions for organizations of all sizes. They specialize in seamless connections and user-centric designs to guarantee customers get the most out of Salesforce. Melonleaf's dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, as well as its agile problem-solving approach, makes it a top choice for organizations looking for creative Salesforce solutions. 

Coastal Cloud

Founding Year - 2012 

Headquarter - Florida, USA 

Employee base - 250 – 550 

Customer Care Language - English, French, Spanish 

App on App Exchange -  

Coastal Cloud specializes in providing end-to-end Salesforce solutions with a strong emphasis on client success. Their knowledge includes deployment, customization, and optimization, helping clients get the most out of Salesforce. What distinguishes them is their dedication to continued assistance, assisting organizations in evolving and adapting to changing demands in the Salesforce ecosystem. 


Founding Year - 2002 

Headquarters - New York USA 

Employee base - 3000+ 

Customer Care Language - English, German 

App on App Exchange -  

A strategic approach to digital transformation distinguishes the Salesforce consulting services provided by Vention. They specialize in data-driven insights and automation and assist organizations in achieving operational excellence. Their unique combination of technology and business experience guarantees that clients not only deploy Salesforce properly but also get the most out of their investment. 


Founding Year - 1989 

Headquarter - Texas, United States 

Employee base - 500 – 1000 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 

ScienceSoft is well known for its extensive Salesforce consulting services. ScienceSoft tailors' solutions to client's specific needs, from CRM deployment to bespoke app development. What distinguishes them is their emphasis on harnessing Salesforce for data-driven decision-making, enabling organizations to prosper in a data-centric environment. 

Cloud Square

Founding Year - 2018 

Headquarter - California, USA 

Employee base - 10 - 50  

Customer Care Language - English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish 

App on App Exchange - 

CloudSquare distinguishes itself in the Salesforce sector by emphasizing quick innovation. Despite their size, they thrive at offering agile solutions, notably in the domain of Salesforce development and integration. Their dedication to creating scalable and future-proof solutions makes them a popular choice for firms trying to stay ahead in the digital transformation game. 

SP Tech

Founding Year – 2015 

Headquarters – Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Employee base – 50 – 100 

Customer Care Language – English 

App on App Exchange – 

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SP Tech is noted for its personalized Salesforce consulting services, which respond to each client’s specific issues. Their experience is in developing solutions that connect with corporate objectives and produce measurable outcomes. SP Tech’s dedication to cooperation and client education sets them apart from the rest of the Salesforce consulting companies. 

Cyntexa Labs

Founding Year - 2018 

Headquarter - San Francisco, USA 

Employee base - 300 - 400 

Customer Care Language - English, French, Spanish 

App on App Exchange -  

Cyntexa Labs specializes in disruptive Salesforce solutions, notably those using AI and machine intelligence. Their services go above and beyond the norm, utilizing innovative technology to foster innovation. What distinguishes Cyntexa Labs is their emphasis on future-proofing Salesforce solutions, helping clients stay on the cutting edge of technological innovations. 


Founding Year - 2015 

Headquarters - Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

Employee base - 101 - 250 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


The Salesforce consulting services provided by Girikon are distinguished by a thorough grasp of company operations. They go beyond ordinary implementations by providing strategic insights for process improvement. Girikon's dedication to creating solutions that line with corporate objectives, as well as their proactive approach to customer success, distinguishes them in the Salesforce consulting market. 

Demand Blue

Founding Year - 2017 

Headquarter - Greater Los Angeles Area, USA 

Employee base - 50 - 250 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Demand Blue is known for providing results-driven Salesforce consulting services with an emphasis on generating quantifiable business outcomes. Their knowledge crosses sectors, allowing them to provide solutions that not only suit current demands but also position customers for future development. What distinguishes Demand Blue is its commitment to continual improvement, which ensures that customers' Salesforce solutions advance in tandem with their businesses. 


Founding Year - 1993 

Headquarter - Southern US 

Employee base - 5000 - 10,000 

Customer Care Language - English, German 

App on App Exchange - 


Its all-encompassing approach to digital transformation distinguishes Softserve's Salesforce consulting services. Softserve provides services ranging from customer experience design to Salesforce deployment. Their distinct advantage is that they combine Salesforce experience with a deeper awareness of future technologies, making them a holistic partner for firms looking to innovate. 


Founding Year - 2019 

Headquarter - New Jersey, USA 

Employee base - 1000 - 5000 

Customer Care Language - English, German 

App on App Exchange - 


Avenga distinguishes itself by its creative approach to Salesforce consulting, notably in the area of customer experience optimization. Their services go beyond typical CRM, combining cutting-edge technologies for a more seamless client experience. Avenga's dedication to providing solutions that improve client engagement and loyalty distinguishes them in the competitive Salesforce consulting industry. 


Founding Year - 2017 

Headquarter - Reston, Virginia 

Employee base - 11 - 50  
Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


TechForce stands apart by concentrating on Salesforce consulting services that prioritize simplicity and productivity. They specialize in user-friendly solutions to guarantee clients get the most value with the least amount of inconvenience. TechForce's commitment to delivering simple and effective Salesforce installs makes it a popular choice for organizations looking for simplified solutions. 


Founding Year - 1998 

Headquarter - Lakewood, Colorado 

Employee base - 3000+ 
Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


A strong approach to digital transformation distinguishes salesforce consulting services from ITransition. They specialize in scalable systems that can adapt to changing business requirements. Their emphasis on connecting Salesforce solutions with larger organizational goals distinguishes them, offering a holistic approach to corporate success. 


 Founding Year - 2014 

Headquarters - New York, USA 

Employee base - 51 - 100 
Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Plative specializes in Salesforce consulting services that bridge technological and business strategy gaps. Their specialty is in developing solution 


s that not only optimize procedures but also contribute to overall corporate performance. Plative stands apart from other Salesforce Consulting partners due to its dedication to providing value-driven Salesforce deployments and its emphasis on client education. 


Founding Year - 2004 

Headquarter - Great Lakes, Greater Philadelphia Area 

Employee base - 50 - 249 
Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


AllianceTek is known for its comprehensive Salesforce consulting services, which range from implementation to continuing maintenance. Their distinct expertise is in tailoring Salesforce to each client's individual requirements. AllianceTek is the right Salesforce consulting partner for long-term success because of its skills in creating solutions that adapt to changing company requirements. 

Signity Solutions

Founding Year - 2009 

Headquarters - Greater New York Area 

Employee base - 100 - 250 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Signity Solutions sets itself apart from the rest of Salesforce consulting companies by its customer-focused approach to providing Salesforce solutions. Their services are aimed at improving the user experience and happiness. The fact that makes them the best is their attention to not only integrating the Salesforce but also ensuring that it serves as a catalyst for excellent customer interactions and corporate success. 

Affirma Consulting

Founding Year - 2001 

Headquarter - Bellevue, USA 

Employee base - 350 - 400 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Affirma Consulting is well-known for providing strategic Salesforce consulting services that connect with larger corporate objectives. Their knowledge crosses sectors, allowing them to provide solutions that not only streamline procedures but also help bottom-line development. Affirma Consulting distinguishes itself by its focus on understanding each client's unique difficulties and providing customized solutions.


Founding Year - 2006 

Headquarters - Sunnyvale, California, USA 

Employee base - 2006 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Algoworks Solutions Inc. is a Salesforce consulting firm that focuses on innovation and scalability. Their experience lies in developing solutions that not only fulfill customers' present demands but also position them for future development. Algoworks Solution's dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of Salesforce innovations and offering forward-thinking solutions makes it a chosen partner for companies seeking long-term success. 


Founding year - 1996 

Headquarters - Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA 

Employee Base - 10001 - 5000 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 


Damco Solutions is distinguished by its extensive Salesforce consulting services, which range from implementation to continuing support. Their distinct advantage is in developing solutions that not only optimize procedures but also contribute to overall corporate performance. Damco Solutions stands apart in the consulting industry due to its commitment to providing value-driven Salesforce deployments and its emphasis on client education. 

Ascendix Technologies

Founding year - 1996 

Headquarters - Dallas, Texas, USA 

Employee Base - 51 - 200 

Customer Care Language - English 

App on App Exchange - 

Ascendix provides a spectrum of services aimed at boosting Salesforce capabilities, including bespoke app development, data management, and CRM optimization. Ascendix Technologies is a trusted partner for organizations looking to boost their CRM game thanks to their focus on creating scalable and future-proof Salesforce solutions, as well as their reputation for great customer service. 

Now that you have the list of the best Salesforce Consulting Companies in 2023 to yourself you can choose the best company for your business. But the tricky part is how do you select the best from the best.  

Tricky right? 

Well, you don’t have to stress a lot about it because we got you covered. 

How To Select the Best Salesforce Consulting Partner in 2023

Choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner in 2023 is akin to picking the perfect app for your smartphone. In the vast digital landscape, your Salesforce partner is the app that enhances your business functionalities, streamlines processes, and boosts overall performance.  


Let's delve into the technical app store of Salesforce consulting and explore the key features to consider when selecting the best partner for your unique business needs. 

App Compatibility: Industry Alignment

Just as apps should align with your device's operating system, your Salesforce partner needs to sync seamlessly with your industry requirements. Look for a partner whose expertise aligns with your business domain, ensuring they bring the right tools to the digital table. 

App Developer Credentials - Salesforce Certifications

Your Salesforce partner is the app developer for your business success. Check their credentials – the Salesforce certifications. Think of these certifications as app badges that signify the developer's proficiency. The more badges, the more features they bring to the development table. 

Tailored App Features - Customization Capabilities

A good app allows customization for user preferences. Similarly, your Salesforce partner should offer tailored solutions that align with your business processes. Look for a partner who understands your unique requirements and can customize Salesforce to serve as your business's feature-rich app. 

App Store Ratings - Client Testimonials

App store ratings and reviews speak volumes about an app's performance. Similarly, client testimonials and success stories are the Salesforce partner's version of app store ratings. A partner with positive reviews and success stories is likely to provide a smooth and reliable service.

App Updates - Ongoing Support

Just as apps need regular updates, your Salesforce partner should offer ongoing support. Seek a partner committed to keeping your Salesforce solutions up to date, ensuring they evolve with your business needs. 

App Ecosystem - Collaborative

Integration Consider your Salesforce partner as an app that needs to seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem. Opt for a partner with a collaborative approach, one that integrates smoothly with your team and existing tools, creating a cohesive digital environment. 

Selecting the best Salesforce consulting partner is essentially choosing the ideal app for your business device. With the right partner, your Salesforce 'app' becomes a powerful tool, enhancing your business operations and ensuring a seamless digital experience.  

So, let the digital 'app store' exploration begin, and find the Salesforce partner that adds the most value to your business tech stack. 


In the pulsating realm of Salesforce consulting, Melonleaf Solutions emerges as the catalyst for transformative business solutions. Anchored in innovation, our premier consulting firm is strategically positioned to elevate your business operations to unprecedented levels. 

At Melonleaf, we don't merely offer services; we offer craft experiences. Our seasoned Salesforce consultants are not just experts; they are visionaries, sculpting your Salesforce org to resonate with the very essence of your business. Marrying cutting-edge Salesforce technology with profound industry expertise, we ensure your journey through the CRM landscape is not just streamlined but an odyssey of extraordinary possibilities. 

Imagine a Salesforce solution that is not just tailored but tailored to perfection. That's precisely what we deliver – a solution that seamlessly integrates with your business, adapting and evolving as your needs do. As you prepare to usher in a new era of productivity, Melonleaf Solutions is poised to be your steadfast partner on this exhilarating CRM voyage. 

Get ready to not just boost but soar, as your business operations find new wings with Melonleaf Solutions. Your success is our canvas, and we're here to paint a masterpiece of efficiency, uniquely tailored for you. Welcome to a future where your CRM journey is not just simplified but elevated to unparalleled heights. 


1 Why is industry expertise crucial when choosing a Salesforce consulting partner?
Industry expertise ensures that the consulting partner understands the unique challenges and nuances of your business, allowing them to tailor Salesforce solutions to align with your specific industry requirements.
2 How do Salesforce certifications contribute to the credibility of a consulting partner?
Salesforce certifications demonstrate the expertise of the consulting partner. They are like badges that signify proficiency in utilizing Salesforce tools, ensuring that the partner is well-equipped to handle complex business requirements.
3 Can a Salesforce consulting partner customize solutions according to my business needs?
Yes, a reputable partner should offer customization capabilities. This ensures that Salesforce solutions are tailored to your business processes, providing a more efficient and relevant digital experience.
4 Why are client testimonials and success stories important when evaluating a consulting partner?
Client testimonials and success stories offer insights into the partner's track record. Positive reviews indicate a partner's ability to deliver on promises and provide a reliable and effective service.
5 What role does ongoing support play in the selection of a Salesforce consulting partner?
Ongoing support is essential for keeping Salesforce solutions up-to-date and aligned with evolving business needs. A partner committed to continuous support ensures that your Salesforce 'app' remains efficient and effective
5 How can I ensure that a consulting partner seamlessly integrates with my existing business ecosystem?
Look for a consulting partner with a collaborative approach. This ensures that they integrate smoothly with your team and existing tools, creating a cohesive digital environment that enhances overall efficiency.

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