Top Features and Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud


In April 2021, in response to the urgent need for digital transformation amplified by the global pandemic, Salesforce bid farewell to its Community Cloud. This platform emerges as a dynamic solution, empowering businesses to craft connected digital experiences and navigate the intricacies of the customer journey.  

As the world grapples with the imperative of digital adaptation, the Salesforce Experience Cloud has become a beacon for companies redefining their workflows. If you're unfamiliar with this service, fear not – this post aims to demystify any uncertainties.  

Strong brands understand the importance of delivering exceptional client experiences, especially in an environment characterized by escalating expectations. Salesforce Experience Cloud emerges as a key player, offering transformative capabilities that foster immediate benefits and cultivate profound relationships with customers on a global scale.  

This article is your guide to unravelling its potential and discovering how it can elevate your business. Let's delve into the features that define Experience Cloud within the Salesforce ecosystem and explore the ways it can revolutionize your business strategies.  

What Is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, stands as a revolutionary platform designed to reshape the digital landscape for businesses. At its core, Experience Cloud is a dynamic solution crafted by Salesforce to empower organizations to create connected digital experiences and seamlessly manage the entire customer journey.  

In essence, Experience Cloud serves as a gateway for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement, foster collaboration, and deliver personalized interactions. This platform enables the construction of mobile-responsive portals that not only reflect a brand's identity but also provide a user-centric experience.  

The transition from Community Cloud to Experience Cloud in April 2021 marked a significant shift, emphasizing the platform's commitment to keeping pace with the evolving needs of the digital era. By leveraging Experience Cloud, businesses can streamline communication, reduce market friction, and navigate the complexities of the modern customer landscape with agility.  

In the upcoming sections, we will explore the distinctive features and transformative benefits that set Salesforce Experience Cloud apart, shedding light on how it can be a catalyst for businesses striving to thrive in the digital age.  

8 Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

1. Business Integration

Experience Cloud redefines the way businesses integrate their operations by providing a seamless bridge between digital experiences and data from any system, irrespective of its location. Customers are empowered to take control of their interactions, enabling them to not only create but also escalate support cases effortlessly. Partners can seamlessly update opportunities and qualify leads, while employees gain swift access to critical files, fostering a holistic and collaborative approach to business management.  

2. Personalization

At the core of Experience Cloud's prowess is its robust personalization engine. This sophisticated mechanism goes beyond mere suggestions – it intelligently connects users to experts, relevant groups, and personalized content based on individual interests, needs, and behavioural patterns. This personalized touch not only enhances the overall user experience but also cultivates a sense of community participation, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and tailored to the user's preferences.  

3. Customization and Branding

Experience Cloud empowers businesses to go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Through extensive customization and branding options, companies can create stunning, interactive environments that serve as seamless extensions of their brand identity. This flexibility ensures that the digital experiences provided are not only user-friendly but also align perfectly with the unique ethos of the brand, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.  

4. Mobile Accessibility

Collaboration is no longer confined to the office space with Experience Cloud's mobile accessibility. Users can engage in digital experiences from any device, be it through the Salesforce mobile app or a mobile browser. This feature ensures that the rich, branded, and device-responsive experience remains consistent, regardless of the user's location. Mobile accessibility becomes a catalyst for enhanced productivity and connectivity on the go.  

5. Lightning Bolt

Experience Cloud introduces the Lightning Bolt feature, revolutionizing the creation of next-generation experiences and portals. This innovative capability allows businesses to swiftly and effortlessly develop portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. The result is a cohesive user experience that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of users, delivering efficiency and fluidity in digital interactions.  

6. Topics

Navigating information is made remarkably efficient with Experience Cloud's autogenerated topic pages. These comprehensive pages bring together discussions, files, groups, and insights from experts all in one centralized location. The ability for users to follow updated topics ensures a continuous and informed engagement in relevant conversations, fostering a knowledge-rich environment.  

7. Chatter Collaboration

Experience Cloud takes collaboration to new heights with the Chatter Collaboration feature. Employees can seamlessly collaborate on projects, locate subject-matter experts, receive real-time updates, and actively contribute ideas. This dynamic collaboration space transforms the workplace into an innovative hub where ideas flow freely, breaking down geographical barriers and encouraging contributions from anyone, anywhere.  

8. Groups

Structure and organize discussions and activities effortlessly with Experience Cloud's Groups feature. Whether it's for team collaboration, event planning, project coordination, or campaign execution, this capability allows users to create groups that facilitate the seamless sharing of files, records, and even the integration of video. This promotes efficient collaboration, knowledge sharing, and cohesive teamwork across the organization.  

8 Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Salesforce Experience Cloud serves as a catalyst for elevated customer engagement by providing a platform that seamlessly connects businesses with their audience. Through personalized and intuitive digital experiences, customers can navigate effortlessly, fostering a deeper connection and satisfaction.  

2. Streamlined Collaboration

The platform's collaborative features empower partners, customers, and employees to work together seamlessly. Whether updating opportunities, qualifying leads, or sharing critical files, Experience Cloud breaks down communication barriers and streamlines collaboration across the entire business ecosystem.  

3. Personalized Interactions Drive Satisfaction

The robust personalization engine of Experience Cloud ensures that each interaction is tailored to individual interests, needs, and behaviour. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also invites deeper community participation, creating meaningful connections between businesses and their audience.  

4. Consistent Branding Across Digital Spaces

With customization and branding options, Experience Cloud enables businesses to create visually cohesive and interactive digital environments. These branded experiences not only reflect a company's identity but also contribute to brand recognition, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among users.  

5. Mobile Accessibility for Unrestricted Collaboration

Experience Cloud's mobile accessibility liberates collaboration from the confines of physical spaces. Users can engage in digital experiences from any device, ensuring a consistent and device-responsive experience. This flexibility promotes unrestricted collaboration and connectivity on the go.  

6. Rapid Portal Development with Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt feature facilitates the quick and easy development of next-generation portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. This efficiency in portal development ensures a cohesive user experience, saving time and resources while meeting and exceeding user expectations.  

7. Efficient Information Access with Topics

Autogenerated topic pages in Experience Cloud provide a centralized hub for discussions, files, groups, and expert insights. Users can efficiently access and follow updated topics, ensuring they stay informed and engaged in relevant conversations. This streamlined access to information enhances overall productivity.  

8. Dynamic Chatter Collaboration for Innovation

Chatter Collaboration fosters innovation in the workplace by providing a space for employees to collaborate on projects, find subject-matter experts, and contribute ideas. This dynamic collaboration environment transforms the workplace into an innovative hub where ideas flow freely, regardless of geographical constraints.  


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1 How does Salesforce Experience Cloud differ from the previous Community Cloud?
Salesforce Experience Cloud represents a modernized version of the Community Cloud, offering enhanced features and capabilities. The transition underscores Salesforce's commitment to keeping pace with the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era.
2 How can Experience Cloud be customized to reflect our brand identity?
Experience Cloud provides extensive customization and branding options, allowing businesses to create visually cohesive and interactive digital environments. This ensures that the digital extension of your brand is not only user-friendly but also aligns seamlessly with your unique identity.
3 Can I access Experience Cloud from any device?
Absolutely! Experience Cloud ensures unrestricted collaboration by providing mobile accessibility. Users can engage in digital experiences from any device, be it through the Salesforce mobile app or any mobile browser, delivering a consistent and device-responsive experience.
4 How does Lightning Bolt simplify portal development in Experience Cloud?
Lightning Bolt in Experience Cloud streamlines portal development by allowing businesses to swiftly create next-generation portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. This feature ensures efficiency in portal development, saving time and resources while meeting user expectations.
5 Why choose Melonleaf for Experience Cloud-related services?
Melonleaf stands out as a trusted service provider for Salesforce Experience Cloud. With a deep understanding of the platform and a commitment to excellence, Melonleaf offers tailored solutions to align with your business objectives. Explore their Experience Cloud Implementation Guide for valuable insights and best practices.

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