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Our client is a healthcare company in Miami, Florida providing Food Supplement solutions to their clients for their longevity and health performance. They believe that when nature and technology get combined, it brings improvements in human experiences and health. Their main objective is to offer a custom life cycle for patients’ health. Moreover, they used to deliver healthcare supplements to the customer’s health issues.


Our client was looking for a customized solution to store and organize the complete details related to the customers on a collaborative platform for maintaining their operations workflow that updates and fulfills the various business objectives on the forum. When the customer is first-time onboarded, our client needed the solution for the automated import of the patient’s clinical data, along with the disclosure agreements signed and saved automatically related to the patient record.   


Customized Sales Cloud setup on Salesforce

The client came to Melonleaf Consulting seeking top-notch Salesforce Customization solutions and services. We configured Salesforce Sales Cloud with the standard and customized objects such as clients, leads, opportunities, Rx Orders, Care Plans, Pharmacies, and Appointments.

Salesforce CRM was configured to support the end-to-end patient/client journey from the time when clients call the clinic for inquiry till the client is onboarded on the plan. Lead objects customized to track the base information on the patient for web-to-clinic clients or walk-in patient clients. Initial Blood test logs and reports were maintained on the lead level to confirm the eligibility of the patients who are eligible for the treatment. 

If the lead is found eligible for the treatments, the lead is converted into a client, and the clinical record is saved with full name, blood draw results,  Medical IDs, medical history details, All medicine schedules, Follow up details, Rx orders, and members’ plans. This centralized and easy access to patient details of the customers has made their business operation more smooth for the user in the reception, nurses to check the history, and physicians to diagnose deeply.

Post blood samples diagnoses, Salesforce helps Physicians to track and create the care plan for the patients with the facility of export.  They can mention the details such as Plan number, start date, end date, status, etc. If patients opt for the care plan system was also built in salesforce to track the payments under the respective patient records. As our client is Supplement Clinic and it offers the patients to buy the prescribed products from the clinic itself which is ultimately tracked in the salesforce again related to the care plan. We built the automation to send reminders, notifications, and refill orders related to a care plan, to help existing clients and internal care patient executives team. 

Care Plan Object

We have provided this object for clients to maintain the details of the care plan that their customers have chosen elements such as care plan number, feed, scheduled appointments or follow-ups, Rx orders, Medications, and Care executives. With the help of regular health checkups done by clients’ physicians and nurses, the Care Plan assigned to a customer can be updated accordingly.


The new and customized CRM built for the Clinic management on Salesforce helped Increase the efficiency of caretakers by 50% by capturing patient life cycles in a much more streamlined and frictionless manner. Reduce missout to 0% because of well-timed notifications and tracking efficiency of the employees. Nursing patients increased by 25% due to readily available patient data.

Using Salesforce for healthcare can help you revolutionize the Healthcare industry and fully understand your customer’s preferences and needs. This leading sales, marketing, and customer service system significantly improve organizational processes, as confirmed by Salesforce Healthcare reviews. However, it must be implemented correctly and fully compliant with the company’s objectives.

Melonleaf can help with this, providing customized, native Salesforce solutions for healthcare organizations, pharmacies, and Medical/ Supplements Clinics. Our competitive advantage is our extensive experience in the healthcare industry. We are familiar with the industry and provide healthcare CRM that takes into consideration the characteristics of your company.

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