Effortless Event Management with Advanced Dashboard and Streamlined Export Capabilities

Client's Background

Industry: Event Management

Our Client, a dynamic event management company known for providing memorable experiences, sought our expertise to enhance their data management capabilities. Our client envisioned a cutting-edge solution to consolidate and export event data seamlessly, and change their approach to information recovery. They aspired for a dashboard that not only centralized data but also, empowered users with selective and efficient data export options. 

Client's Requirements

  • Develop a dashboard to consolidate and display all event-related data in one centralized location.
  • Implement a feature allowing users to export all data at once to an Excel file (XLS) directly from the dashboard.
  • Enable selective data extraction by providing multiple filters (e.g., active, inactive, inquiry, confirmed) for users to refine their data before downloading.
  • Ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for navigating and interacting with the dashboard.
  • Implement a download button for users to initiate the export process with a single click.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

Manual Data Extraction Hassles:

  • The absence of an automated export feature led to time-consuming manual processes, impacting overall efficiency.
  • Users faced challenges compiling comprehensive datasets due to lacking a dedicated export mechanism.

Fragmented Data Views:

  • The lack of a centralized dashboard resulted in a fragmented view of event-related information, hindering data coherence.
  • Users struggled to access a holistic overview of their events, contributing to information silos.

Limited Data Selection Options:

  • The inability to selectively export data based on specific criteria restricted the client’s ability to tailor information retrieval.
  • Users expressed needing customizable filters to refine their data exports and extract relevant subsets.

Productivity Bottlenecks:

  • The manual compilation of data introduced bottlenecks, impacting users’ productivity in data management.
  • Users sought a more efficient and streamlined approach to exporting data for faster decision-making.

Solution Offered

Our development team proposed a solution to our client that involved creating a custom dashboard using Salesforce Lightning components. This dashboard would serve as a centralized location for consolidating and displaying all event-related data.

To meet the client’s requirement for export functionality, the team planned to implement a custom "Export to Excel" feature using Apex. This feature would allow users to export all data at once to an Excel file (XLS) directly from the dashboard.

Additionally, the team intended to develop multiple filters, including options such as active, inactive, inquiry, and confirmed, using SOQL queries. These filters would enable users to refine their data before initiating the download. The proposed dashboard design aimed to be intuitive and user-friendly, aligning with Salesforce’s best practices for design and navigation.

To facilitate easy data extraction, the team planned to add a prominent "Download All Data" button to the dashboard. This button would initiate the export process with a single click, enhancing the overall user experience.

Features and Benefits

Centralized Data Management:

The dashboard provides a consolidated view of all event-related information, facilitating efficient data management.

One-Click Export:

The inclusion of a “Download XLS” button allows users to export the entire dataset with a single click, eliminating the need for manual data extraction.

Selective Data Extraction:

Users can apply various filters such as active, inactive, inquiry, confirmed, etc., to refine their data selection before initiating the download process.

User-Friendly Interface:

The solution ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, making it easy for clients to navigate and interact with the dashboard.

Efficient Data Extraction:

The export process is streamlined, saving time and effort for users who no longer need to manually compile data from multiple sources.

Customizable Filters:

The availability of multiple filters provides flexibility, allowing users to tailor their data exports based on specific criteria.

Improved Productivity:

With the ability to download data in one go or selectively, users experience increased productivity, enabling faster decision-making processes.

Enhanced Data Accuracy:

The centralized dashboard reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data extraction, ensuring the exported information is accurate and up-to-date.

Tech Stack

The chosen tech stack for this solution included:

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)
  • Apex for server-side logic
  • Combination of JavaScript (JS), HTML, and CSS


In conclusion, the implemented solution successfully addressed our client’s Events challenges, providing a feature-rich and efficient data export mechanism. The integration of Lightning Web Components, Apex, and client-side technologies resulted in a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing and extracting event data.

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