Transforming Patient Experience through a Customized B2C Platform on Salesforce Community for Healthcare Clinic

Client's Background

Industry: Healthcare

Our client, a leading healthcare clinic, recognized the need to enhance patient engagement and streamline the process of ordering medications. In collaboration with our team, they embarked on a journey to get a fully customized B2C platform using Salesforce Community, leveraging Lightning Web Components (LWC), Sales Cloud, Apex, and Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Challenges Faced by the Client

User-Friendly Patient Portal

  • Required a user-friendly and intuitive patient portal to provide patients with a seamless experience for ordering medications.
  • Ensuring that the navigation menu and interface are accessible, facilitating easy access to the medication catalog and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Guest Accessible Shop

  • Platform accessible to guest users without login credentials, broadening the audience reach, and accommodating users who prefer exploring the shop without registering.
  • Displaying detailed information about medicines, including price, composition, and name, in an organized manner to assist guest users in making informed decisions.

Dynamic Filtering

  • Dynamic filtering options, such as a dropdown menu for selecting specific diseases enable users to find medications tailored to their medical conditions efficiently.
  • Ensuring that the filtering system is responsive and accurate enhances the overall user experience during the medication selection process.

Effortless Ordering Process

  • Creating a seamless ordering process that allows users to add medicines to their cart with a simple click and easily adjust quantities.
  • Coupon functionality for applying discounts, reducing the total order value, and enhancing the affordability of medications for patients.

Flexible Shipping Options

  • A flexible shipping options system that allows users to input shipping details and choose from various shipping options, each affecting the shipping cost accordingly.
  • Ensuring that the shipping options are transparent and user-friendly, and contribute to an efficient overall ordering and delivery process.

Secure Payment Processing

  • A secure payment gateway to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial information during the checkout process.
  • Industry-standard encryption protocols and compliant payment gateways to build trust and provide a secure environment for financial transactions.

Solutions Offered

We designed a comprehensive solution that involved the following key components:

Dedicated Patient Portal

  • Patients can log in using their email credentials to access a personalized portal.
  • A user-friendly navigation menu includes a shop icon, providing quick access to the medication catalog.

Guest Accessible Shop

  • The shop is accessible to guest users without login credentials, expanding the reach to a broader audience.
  • Detailed information about medicines, including price, composition, and name, is displayed in an organized manner.

Dynamic Filtering

  • Users can use a dropdown menu to select a specific disease, enabling them to find medicines tailored to their medical condition.

Effortless Ordering Process

  • Users can add medicines to their cart with a simple click and easily adjust quantities as needed.
  • Integration of coupon functionality allows users to apply discounts and reduce the total order value.

Flexible Shipping Options

  • Users can input shipping details and choose from various shipping options such as ground, priority, and rush, each affecting the shipping cost accordingly.

Secure Payment Processing

  • A streamlined checkout process includes a secure payment page where users can input their card details for transaction completion. Salesforce Integration
  • All order details are seamlessly stored and highlighted in the Salesforce platform, ensuring a centralized and efficient management system.


The implementation of the customized B2C platform led to significant improvements in patient experience and operational efficiency:

Enhanced Patient Engagement: The personalized portal and user-friendly features resulted in increased patient engagement and satisfaction.

Streamlined Ordering Process: The simplified ordering process, from medicine selection to payment, reduced friction and improved overall efficiency.

Centralized Data Management: Salesforce integration centralized all order details, providing the clinic with a comprehensive overview of patient transactions and preferences.

Increased Accessibility: The guest-accessible shop expanded the clinic’s reach, catering to a broader audience and potential patient base.


The collaborative effort between our team and the healthcare clinic resulted in the successful implementation of a fully customized B2C platform on Salesforce Community. The solution not only addressed the specific requirements of the client but also elevated the overall patient experience and operational efficiency. The platform now stands as a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for positive healthcare outcomes.

Tools and Technologies Used

The success of the customized B2C platform for the healthcare clinic can be attributed to a robust and innovative technology stack. Our team leveraged cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless and scalable solution:

  • LWC
  • APEX Programming Language
  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Data Integration with Salesforce
  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration

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