Elevating Communication Tracking: Seamless Integration of Email Services with Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Client's Background

Industry – Event Management

Our client, an Event Management company, orchestrates a myriad of events, from large-scale conferences to intimate gatherings. With a commitment to delivering seamless experiences, they identified a crucial need to streamline their communication channels, specifically email correspondence, for efficient event coordination.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Email Tracking and Organization

Our client’s customers were struggling to monitor and organize emails relevant to their events, resulting in confusion and inefficiencies in communication management.

Lack of Centralized Email System

They required a centralized method for managing event-related emails, resulting in fragmented information across numerous platforms and trouble obtaining relevant communications.

Limited Email Trail Visibility

They struggled in following the email trail for specific events, making it difficult to comprehend the context of previous interactions and decisions.

Email Responses Monitoring

Their customers had trouble tracking responses to event-related emails, resulting in delayed reaction times and potential missed opportunities.

Solution Offered

Our team devised a comprehensive solution using Lightning Web Components (LWC), Apex, and Email Services to bridge the gap in email tracking and enhance user experience.

Key Features

Activity-Email Linkage

Implemented a robust system to link outbound emails directly to the activity section, providing a centralized location for tracking all communication related to an event.

Activity Section UI/UX

Designed an intuitive user interface within the activity section, ensuring easy navigation and quick access to relevant email threads.

Contact Record Integration

Integrated email tracking seamlessly into the contact record page, allowing users to view and manage emails associated with a specific contact effortlessly.

Auto-generated Tracking ID

Introduced a unique tracking ID for each email, automatically generated to facilitate precise tracking and reference.

Vendor Portal Integration

Extended email tracking capabilities to the vendor portal, ensuring that emails sent or received during vendor check-ins and check-outs were captured in Salesforce.

Dedicated Vendor Email IDs

Assigned dedicated email IDs to vendors for simplified tracking, enhancing the accuracy of communication records.


Centralized Communication History

The client now enjoys a centralized repository of communication, allowing for a comprehensive view of email interactions related to specific events.

Efficient Vendor Management

With email tracking integrated into the vendor portal, the client can now monitor vendor communications seamlessly, enhancing collaboration and coordination.

Improved User Experience

The streamlined UI/UX in the activity section and contact records has significantly improved the efficiency of users in managing and retrieving communication data.

Enhanced Accuracy and Accountability

The auto-generated tracking IDs have significantly reduced the chances of errors and provided a reliable means to track and trace each email correspondence.

In conclusion, our tailored solution has empowered the event management company to elevate its communication tracking capabilities, fostering efficient event coordination and client satisfaction. The seamless integration of email tracking within Salesforce has become a cornerstone in achieving operational excellence for our clients.

Tech Stack

Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Used to develop intuitive and responsive user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience.


Leveraged for server-side logic and seamless integration with Salesforce data.

Email Services

Implemented to facilitate communication between Salesforce and external email systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data.

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