Enterprises are looking for solutions to improve their business operational efficiencies while facing challenging marketing situations such as logistics disruption, inflation, and workforce shortage. So, to let enterprises deal with these kinds of challenges, Salesforce has announced Salesforce’s Customer 360 Innovations for automating business operations with Artificial Intelligence and providing a best-in-class customer experience.

The Global survey of 600 CIOs and IT decision makers commissioned by Salesforce Mulesoft revealed that 91% of enterprises want to automate their business processes instead of keeping them manual but only 23% have actually implemented these innovative technologies into their workflows.

This new Customer 360 Innovation is designed to remove the hassle of multiple interfaces organizations deal with while optimizing and streamlining their workflow with their workforces. This platform has integrated commerce data with marketing that allows them to enhance customer experiences at a scale with their data privacy compliance.

Salesforce Customer 360


Salesforce’s Customer 360 is a highly scalable platform with AI-powered low code and end-to-end automation for many organizations to utilize and connect their various departments like sales, service, marketing, commerce, etc., with a single source of truth. Moreover, This customer 360 innovation provides an opportunity to many companies to deliver efficient growth with personalized interaction.

Innovations in Sales Cloud

  • Now, Sales reps can be more productive with less time consumption on minutiae by automating their operations with intelligence, which enables them to generate more qualified leads and utilize Einstein bots to accelerate the Sales pipeline. This bot can schedule meetups and solve customers’ queries by connecting them with the Sales reps via Slack.

  • This customer 360 innovation enablement boosts the Sales reps’ productivity with data-driven coaching on how to improve their skills in enhancing the business growth efficiently. Moreover, this enablement tracks milestones achieved by the Sales team and delivers training programs for better workflow.

Innovations in Service Cloud

  • By innovating Service Cloud with an advanced contact center solution, Salesforce enabled organizations to deliver proactive services, personalized with real-time data across any channel with scalability. Now service centers and service departments in enterprises can improve the productivity of their service reps by leveraging the unified dashboard.

  • Automations and innovations in Salesforce Service Cloud empower companies to have pre-built experiences. These flow automation help enterprises manage the life cycle of numerous business operations such as service request automation, customer onboarding, managing incident tickets, etc., thus, maximizing productivity and cost savings.

Innovations in Commerce Cloud


  • Remove the hassle of managing your eCommerce site with Headless Commerce and utilize the new composable storefronts. These new storefronts don’t require a heavy and expensive architecture and facilitate retailers in delivering a flexible and personalized customer experience. The innovations in Salesforce Commerce Cloud will enable retailers to increase conversion and inventory efficiently.

  • Acquire automated customer insights and logistics storage level with new innovative applications launched by Salesforce, i.e., Store Associate. Retailers can take advantage of the convenience of in-store pickup and ship-from-store to provide customized customer services through this application.

Innovations in Marketing Cloud


Integrate your Salesforce CDP and third-party segmentation tools for B2B sales and marketing teams to work with reduced costs, drive efficiency, and more flexible and scalable APIs. The new enhancement, “Account App Engagement API,” will enable marketers to create and share data for activated engagement across various channels.

Innovations in Industries Flow


  • Now Salesforce administrators can take benefit of Mulesoft Direct with pre-built use cases and leverage the reduced implementation time of customization and maintenance.

  • Industries utilizing clouds, such as Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, etc., can simplify their industries’ flow with click-based integration tools. These configurations and customizations deliver automated proactive customer experiences.


Wrapping Up


As in today’s world, companies are looking to innovate their business workflows and operations, the Salesforce Customer 360 innovations will enable these organizations to transform their business digitally. Various organizations can now implement the solution per their business essentials and goals. The leading industries’ innovations will allow them to provide extensive customer experience and engagement.

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