Post Winter ’21 Salesforce released some more flow features like with every few past releases. Enhancements are really impactful in terms to cover many scenarios that can be done via triggers. Here is the of all that has come all the along the way.

  1. Now you can Trigger a flow before the record is deleted. FINALLY!
  2. Good news for developers that they can now debug the Flows.
  3. Debug the flows as other users. WOW..!!.No more Incognitos for testing flows.
  4. You can enable the Flow now to be triggered only for specific changes when the record updates.
  5. Everyone’s friend “AND/OR” can be now used in Entry Criteria.
  6. You can build a multi-column screen in the flow builder which will be really useful in creating many scenarios for manual data Input.
  7. Now see which trigger your auto launched flow has with just a glance at the Flows list view in Setup.
  8. Record Triggered Flow can be now triggered with the change of owner via Salesforce Classic.
  9. User Global Variables through out the Flow.

See the Release Notes.




We see the above game changer features which we believe any of the flow lovers ever wanted.  There are many other features that can be found here in Release Notes. Ask us if you are looking for something specific around the flows, we would love to answer your queries or to provide a solution.

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