For Salesforce, Winter Is Here.!

Salesforce has gone live with its Winter’23 Release preview, updated with new features and functionalities, and the release will be available on October, 17.

The Salesforce professionals and various corporate companies are delighted to know that they are going to have many new features & functionalities to play around with in the coming year. This winter’23 Salesforce Release will enable enterprises in scaling and automating their business operations with innovations, personalized customer experiences, and maximized growth.

In this article, we will get to know the newly introduced features in the Salesforce Winter’23 Release updates:

  • Enhancements in Dynamic Forms

With the newly updated Salesforce Release, developers can now customize the field and sections of a page layout and migrate them as individual components. These components can be configured later in previously presented fields or sections on that page layout according to the client’s needs.

  • Multiple Filter Values

Before, while using Lightning App Builder, when you filter dynamic related lists, you were able to filter the picklist fields by one value only. But, now you can filter the picklist by multiple filter values with the priority of high and medium.

  • Field Level Security

Now you can easily set Field Level Security on permission sets while creating fields. There is no more hassle in granting access to a field of each permission set. Moreover, we can enable expiration dates and manage your permission assignments efficiently.

  • Broadcast Communication

Keep your clients informed in and out about the incidents by updating the status and broadcasting it over digital channels such as email, social, self-service sites, etc.

  • Custom Opportunity Fields

Change the way of filtering opportunity fields from standard to custom while forecasting. Because of this forecasting feature update, apply changes to various editions in enterprises such as performance, developer, and professional with the Sales Cloud.

  • External Actions

Utilizing the engagement studio platform, marketers can now integrate third-party market tech stack to Marketing Cloud and leverage all the ways of engaging with their customers through SMS, marketing, webinars, etc. External actions are listed in the Salesforce Market place, “AppExchange,” and can be executed by marketing teams.

  • Custom Reports Type’s Updates

Now view and filter custom report types for creating reports in a simplified and optimized way. While applying a filter, you can select the needed report types with specific Salesforce standards and fields per your business needs and requirements.

  • TikTok Integration for Commerce

Leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud to add and advertise your business products on TikTok with new automated and dynamic video ads and product feeds. Reach new audiences with catalog-focused advertising solutions with in-app experience. Moreover, publish your solutions and product as new sales channels.

  • Allocate your Carbon Credits

Net Zero Cloud enables customers to track and manage carbon credits, giving them a comprehensive view of purchased carbon credits, allocated carbon credits, and used carbon credits.


Get ready to leverage the Salesforce-provided new advancements and streamline your business operations with efficient growth and productivity. October, 17 is the date all the new features and functionalities will be live.

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