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Our client, founded in 2016, is a synthetic grass company backed by decades of industry experience. With installations throughout California and beyond, they are the premier artificial grass sources.

They offer their customers an outdoor green space to improve the value of the properties while providing a qualitative product, exceptional after-sales customer service, and yearly maintenance subscriptions.


Collaborative Platform With Manual Processes Automation

Our Client’s business has grown multiple folds in the last 6 years, but teams were failing to provide consistent customer experiences because customer data was dispersed among spreadsheets. Without a shared CRM platform, internal communications were also difficult. 

To provide better frictionless installation of the products, after-sales services, and maintaining the ongoing orders, stakeholders wanted an integrated and real-time customer 360-degree view. 

The client was having trouble carrying out their manual, time-consuming Artificial Grass company procedures. To create an efficient company workflow, they came to us looking for a way to automate their manual processes on the Salesforce system.

  • Our client requested an automatic process to follow the progress of their new and existing clients and, based on their reactions, send emails as well. 
  • To arrange the occasions and designate their staff members to the clients’ sites for measurements and updates, they desired an automation method. 
  • They desired a post-sale automation procedure because sending customers’ warranty and maintenance information by mail was a time-consuming operation.


Sales Cloud Implementation

Our architects changed the business need to meet the Salesforce Space to construct the solution on the platform. We have constructed the opportunity stage lines based on the customer journey to track the state of business transactions and to track business activities such as proposals, approvals for contracts, orders sold, orders closed successfully, and closing losses.

  • As per the business requirements, we built various automation like  
  • Internal Deal and Proposal Reminders 
  • Email Actions if no activity is performed by the customer on the deal post proposal.
  • Auto closure of the opportunity after X days, if the customer does not respond post-proposal.
  • Automation to create Tasks and Events with Time and Address for the Internal Grass Installation field teams on opportunity closure.
  • Auto closure of the opportunity with the close date automatically populated to the final payment date.

Since the Grass Installation industry was primarily based on area calculations, we developed a system to track the installation’s total area on an order and determine the customer’s actual installation cost based on the various manufacturers and installation types, such as play areas, offices, and sports facilities. For the installation mapping and architectural drawings based on the region of installation, third-party integration was also produced.

Our customer saw a significant improvement in the client experience after deploying the centralized CRM for multiple activities since the internal team found it easy to manage the data, it was clear and available on demand, and automated activities could be established and completed with little to no human involvement. Since the management began to exercise strict control over the data, they have had more time to reflect and contribute to improving the customer experience.


Using Salesforce for Construction Industry help organizations to stand out and win. This leading Salesforce CRM includes sales, service, marketing, and customer service system and significantly improve and enhance organizational processes, as confirmed by the Salesforce construction clients’ reviews. However, these solutions must be implemented correctly and fully compliant with the organization’s objectives.

Melonleaf Consulting delivers customized and native Salesforce solutions for Construction organizations and Engineering Industries. Our competitive advantage is our extensive experience in multiple industries. We are familiar with the Construction Industry and provide you with all customized Salesforce solutions per the business essentials.

Tools and Technologies

  • Apex Triggers
  • Flow
  • Sales Cloud
  • Email Automation
  • HTML

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