Salesforce is taking its strength in cloud computing to a new level. It gained market share by making easy-to-use and affordable software with a wide range of applications. What’s more interesting is that the features they are rolling out will be a boon for small businesses.

Salesforce continues to innovate, and by 2022, it will have introduced new ways for businesses to work efficiently. In 2022, two themes will be prevalent: collaboration and automation. Salesforce has already released new tools that allow different corporations to work together more efficiently. In this article, we’ll talk about the top salesforce trends in 2022.

Top 7 Salesforce Innovations For 2022


Salesforce is built on a solid foundation that values communication and teamwork. In 2021, Dreamforce events highlighted what the company is most excited about for 2022. Today we’re outlining four innovations shaping Salesforce’s ecosystem moving forward and how these innovations can help your organization succeed.

Slack-First Customer 360


According to a recent survey by McKinsey, 9 out of 10 companies who currently don’t utilize a hybrid remote/onsite work environment plan to implement one in the future. Technology will be pivotal in helping them navigate their new hybrid work environment.

With Slack-first customer 360, businesses can gain access to information relevant to both types of working styles and a means of real-time collaboration across Salesforce, making it easy for remote workers and people who work onsite. This is one of the top salesforce trends that’ll materialize at a quicker rate. 

Slack and Salesforce offer new integrations to help businesses streamline their workflow and make life easier by automating repetitive tasks. Now, businesses can create a singular communication channel that helps unite various teams while strengthening customer relationships. Also, companies can now work with external partners or vendors within Slack and keep all of their information secure with these new integrations.

Slack has built intelligent routing algorithms into its software that decide how to handle incoming support tickets. The goal is to protect customers from having the same issue handled by multiple Slack employees and instead individualize their customer experience, empowering each staff member to serve their customers on a deeper level.

Health Cloud 2.0



Salesforce recently ventured into the healthcare industry by launching Health Cloud, a new sector-specific CRM solution. The Salesforce Health Cloud helps medical institutions and healthcare workers in innovative and easy ways to streamline their processes and build personalized patient journeys.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce Health Cloud evolved to accommodate a new wave of traditional health management requirements and unique HR workforce solutions for companies across all industries. Automation and management in healthcare have become a top priority and, hence, one of the top salesforce trends as well. 

The new Health Cloud 2.0 is designed to get companies ready for a post-COVID-19 world. It has enhanced features for vaccine management, wellness assessments, and increased functionality, such as advanced data access controls and support for new safety requirements.

The Dreamforce 2021 leveraged Health Cloud 2.0 to use Dreampass on health update records for each participant. This new CRM solution enabled COVID-19 security logs for each participant. The CRM system adds a lot of value to your businessand also helps participants manage vaccination records, test the providers, and have personalized communication with providers.

Salesforce’s Health Cloud 2.0 allows healthcare organizations to offer patients personalized and hybrid health services from any location.

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator



App requirements are increasingly complex—processes that used to span a single user or device are now sharing tasks amongst multiple users and devices. As teams become more distributed, there’s more potential for costly gaps to emerge, which can lead to lost revenue and customer satisfaction, as well as declining employee productivity.

That’s why Salesforce created flow orchestrator, a new, powerful, and one of the top salesforce trends that will give admins the ability to quickly configure, deploy, and maintain complex automated business processes with clicks instead of code. The Salesforce flow orchestrator will automate and optimize user experiences, introducing new features that amplify your new and existing flows.

Steps defined within the process map define which flow(s) you want to execute/trigger, along with who is assigned to what step in the process, the notifications they receive, and where the flow should appear. Sequential or parallel tasks can be assigned as needed.

Stages group steps together and are executed sequentially. A decision element can be used to separate steps for more complex logic.

Embedding your recording directly on the record page gives dashboard users important context, including current progress and any previous actions that have been taken. This feature allows you to monitor how your process is going, and the admin can identify bottlenecks and opportunities as they track performance.




Blockchain technology has become a huge hit in the year 2021. That said, we must understand how powerful this trusted network can be for both consumers and business professionals alike as a low-code platform for app development. By leveraging its seamless connection with Salesforce, users can bring together verified and distributed data across various platforms to the trusted network, which also helps to save time and resources while boosting productivity at large.

Businesses have a wide range of partners to offer their products and services. Salesforce Blockchain facilitates business information sharing through a secure, private, and decentralized solution. By offering businesses this updated way of sharing data, Salesforce can reduce costs and inefficiencies when tracking company information by utilizing blockchain technology.





To meet your business’s data storage requirements, public cloud partners help you succeed by using software development processes, industry-specific security practices, and the use of their own commonly used tools. 


If your organization has regulations or customs in place that require data storage to be stored within a particular region for compliance reasons. Hyperforce makes it possible to host your company’s data wherever you need it. The Hyperforce offers native in-country performance and facilitates a reduced latency between the end-users and the servers storing your data.


Deploying cloud-based solutions like Hyperforce can cut down on time required for a project by weeks. For example, Salesforce Core Services are all available as a part of Hyperforce in India, Australia, and Japan. Customer 360 is also available on Hyperforce in Germany and the US.

Salesforce + Tableau




Task repetition can be tedious and annoying. Not to mention the risk of error that increases with each new task you have to handle. Thus, software engineers can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning in their applications. 


Salesforce’s Einstein machine-learning platform can help workers get more done without the need for repetitive tasks. It can connect data from different services or monitor customer behavior over a while. 


This allows businesses to view specific trends based on past findings in a fraction of the normal amount of time. When combined with tools like Tableau for data visualization, Einstein helps to give companies valuable insights through a variety of datasets that might otherwise be too big and complex to handle all by themselves.


Marketing Cloud




Over time, more and more businesses are opting to use Salesforce as their primary CRM. Salesforce has been working with companies throughout the years to get into their data pipelines and give them access to robust analytics so they can better understand how to meet their clients’ needs.


Understanding the journey that leads to purchase requires incorporating multiple marketing channels like social media, email, print advertising, and more. Salesforce brings all of these channels together to create and execute a strategy with the utmost precision. 


You can send out personalized messages to each customer or user based on the information collected from their interactions with the site. Salesforce is also integrated with leading data management tools that keep track of specific metrics like active users, unique visits, and more via integrations through APIs or webhooks, making it easy for marketers at all stages of the funnel.

Summing Up

These were the top Salesforce trends 2022 to watch for in advancing your Salesforce business in 2022 and beyond too. We can expect web-based tools and automation technology to become increasingly popular in the years to come. As a Salesforce user, your business and employees must understand these trends and tailor your CRM platform with accurate information for maximum results.

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